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  1. Can any one here put the pre compiled .scr file for OPi+2E ? Thanks in advance...
  2. @Guidalpi But I am not having any external storage... just the onboard emmc... so for me the issue still remains...
  3. Exactly this same issue I am facing since morning , I am on legacy desktop version (5.2x ~ 5.30) + OP+2E ... everything was ok till last night ..I just ran update/upgrade which resulted in a big few MBs of updates.... then carried on my work as usual and later shutdown the board .. but today morning when i fire up the board I start getting the same types of messages as you have posted above ( your screen shot ) .... OS is on emmc ... remedy as suggested by Igor resulted no relief .... seems something got broken in last/recent updates...
  4. daemon on client side is OK as client is running Armbian...but daemon on windows xp server side ? or some separate windows service/binary/exe available for windows ?
  5. But as far as i can understand , "usbip" is related to devices connected at server side i correct ? what i need is client side usb device talking to native windows application running on remote windows XP server/desktop machine .
  6. Locally on my OPi+2E USB port i`hv connected a device(microcontroller) programmer but the application software is windows only and running on remote Win XP desktop .. what i want is the access/connection of this locally USB connected programmer to Windows application running on remote WinXP machine ..
  7. Dear all , I am successfully running remote windows XP desktop on OPi+2E (using rdesktop ) but not able to forward client side (OPi+2E) local USB port to application running on remote windows XP server side ... so any workaround/solution recommended ? Hardware :- OP+2E OS(client) :- Armbian Desktop legacy(latest) OS(Server) :- Win XP Sp3.
  8. ATK

    banana Pi USB-OTG as USB-Host

    OK..I can confirm that the USB0-DRV signal connects to two points on Banana pi PCB .. (1) SOC`s PB9 pin . (2) PMU(AXP209) chip`s PIN no.6 (N_VBUSEN). so now i will try again with the fex settings for usbc0 provided by TK . TK : the board is from Lemaker .. its not a Sinov product .
  9. ATK

    banana Pi USB-OTG as USB-Host

    Ah ... the major difference between your Fex > usbc0 and the fex accompanying the Armbian (3.4.112 (Armbian_5.10_Bananapipro_Debian_jessie_3.4.112_desktop)) is the line "usb_det_vbus_gpio = "axp_ctrl"" seems that the fex you are using and also the standard fex @ are having "axp_ctrl" set for " usb_det_vbus_gpio" ... which clearly indicates that here the vbus detection is governed/done by the on board PMU CHIP of banana pi .... BUT the bundled fex with "Armbian_5.10_Bananapipro_Debian_jessie_3.4.112_desktop" is not having this ... so now i will further investigate the issue by setting > usb_port_type = 1 usb_host_init_state = 1 usb_det_vbus_gpio = "axp_ctrl" BTW :- lsusb/dmesg has nothing to say on this .... nothing activity...
  10. ATK

    banana Pi USB-OTG as USB-Host

    Hi Tk .. did the modifications as per your last post BUT nothing changes... i`hv connected a wireless dongle for Mouse/KB via OTG cable ... after doing above changes and reboot the dongle is`nt detected ... AFAIK as per the banana Pi H/W schematics ... the port is powered through a chip (SY6280AAC) whose enable signal is "USB0-DRV" which is mapped to SOC`s "PB9" pin ... and inside the fex file this is referred as "usb_drv_vbus_gpio = port:PB09<1><0><default><0>" which again translates to the the USB drive set to Default-LOW .... Though i even tried setting this to "High" in default mode in my previous attempts BUT there was`nt any change ... So i now wonder how to do this.... Edit :- Can you paste here the full listing of [usbc0] of your "pcDuino3 Nano" on which your USB-OTG is working OK in USB-Host mode ?
  11. I tried changing script.bin/fex > usbc0 (settings) with many combinations but was not able to get the USB port working as genreal USB host ... so what am i missing ? Target Board :- Banana Pi. Target Os :- 3.4.112 (Armbian_5.10_Bananapipro_Debian_jessie_3.4.112_desktop)
  12. Dear Igor , I am 100% NOOB in Linux world ... my background is from Micro controllers developments on windows platform . for this i will wait till next release ... Agreed BUT still..i think network manager too comes under Basic ... that helps user with more options ... hope you will consider this...
  13. I downloaded "" but after installing I found that it has two basic issues >> (1) Mounting of USB sticks .. (2) No preinstalled classical Network manager .. so I wonder how to connect USB EVDO type modems in absence of network manager ? P.S :- target Board is Banana pi.