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    Since you say you have a tv box based on a rk3228 I am moving this thread to the rockchip specific forum for tv boxes.
  2. I think these are what you are looking for:
  3. First off I want to point you to the following TV Box FAQ item: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16976-status-of-armbian-on-tv-boxes-please-read-first The most important information there is that TV Boxes are not supported by the Armbian project. Second, there is this other FAQ item: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/17106-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus The most important thing here is that there is no one in the community currently working on amlogic support for TV Boxes, so the latest build is from Oct 2020. Obviously that build predates the release of the x905x4 cpu by amlogic. I don't know of anyone that has tried to see if the old build (that supported the s905x2 and generally worked on the s905x3) would work on a newer s905x4 box. My guess is that it won't work until upstream amlogic maintainers incorporate refererence design dtb files into mainline kernel and someone around here creates a build that incorporates those upstream changes. If you are adventurous, you could give it a try with the current build using the s905x3 reference dtb: meson-sm1-sei610.dtb
  4. Moved post to the proper TV Box forum
  5. All the information you need should be in the two TV box FAQ posts: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16976-status-of-armbian-on-tv-boxes-please-read-first https://forum.armbian.com/topic/17106-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus
  6. Assuming you are following the instructions in the FAQ in this forum (https://forum.armbian.com/topic/17106-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus) you would just get another sd card and create a new installation on it to use.
  7. My recommendation is to ask your questions in a forum that is dedicated to HA. There is nothing you have posted that would indicate this is an armbian issue. And given the very few people hanging out in these armbian TV box forums the likelyhood of someone here having good HA knowledge is slim.
  8. moved to topic to General Chat as there is nothing indicating this is specific to amlogic based boxes.
  9. Upgrades between ubuntu or debian versions have never been officially supported by armbian. The recommended approach would be to reinstall the newer version. Having said that, it should be possible to upgrade following the standard ubuntu upgrade instructions (google for examples of upgrading from ubuntu xenial to beaver). There are a couple of armbian specific things to look out for: 1) make a backup and be prepared to restore the backup as you might find that you need to try this process more than once to get it right - unfortunately because you are installed on emmc that is much more difficult than if you were running from an sd card. 2) After you run the ubuntu upgrade, and before you do a generic apt update/upgrade and certainly before you reboot, you will need to look at the armbian specific files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d and manually edit those files to convert them from the old ubuntu distribution to the new. I have done this process once or twice just as a proof of concept, but I generally find that after a couple of years, its better to do a clean install and start from there in my personal opinion.
  10. @Sajjad TV Boxes are not supported by Armbian. There is some community work that has been done with them however, thus this subforum. Please read the following two TV Box FAQ items: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16976-status-of-armbian-on-tv-boxes-please-read-first https://forum.armbian.com/topic/17106-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus
  11. @Dams2000 There is no one involved in the ophub project that participates in these armbian forums. I don't know why they refer to those builds as armbian as they have no tie to the armbian project, other than they have forked off of armbian. You will need to contact the authors of that code to get an answer to your question.
  12. Is the USB drive externally powered? I wouldn't expect a cheap tv box to supply enough power over USB to be stable.
  13. @mattmar TV Boxes are not supported by the Armbian project. Moved your post to the TV Box Club area of the forum where users of these types of boxes hang out for unofficial help.
  14. @prol I workaround for this issue that I am testing is to use the /boot partition from the sd card but the /root partition from your emmc. Since the boot parttion is essential not used after boot you don't really need to worry about sd card wear or speed. To do this you need to modify the boot command in the extlinux.conf file (on your sd card) to use 'root=LABEL=ROOT_EMMC' and then change the fstab file (on your emmc) to mount the correct /boot. I then cleaned up my sd card by deleting the /root partition and cleaned up my emmc and deleted the /boot partiation, but that isn't necessary. As I said I am testing this and by that I mean it works to boot, but I haven't put it through enough reboots to feel 100% confident that this will always work. But I haven't had any issues since I implemented this work around a couple of weeks ago.
  15. You do realize this is an Armbian forum. You should ask your question in a manjaro forum.
  16. I would say this problem is common with the s905x2 and s905x3 boxes. I have this issue on my boxes as well. I don't know of anyone that has tracked down the root cause.
  17. There aren't any kernel headers for the balbes150 tv box builds.
  18. Start by reading the following FAQ entry in the TV Box forums FAQ: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16976-status-of-armbian-on-tv-boxes-please-read-first
  19. Moved post to the correct forum area for TV box questions.
  20. I think you and I are having trouble communicating. You keep referencing things I am not talking about. What your are stating doesn't make sense if you are following the instructions I keep pointing you towards. When I say the instructions in the FAQ I am talking about this: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/17106-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus If you are following these instructions, the box should not boot at all if you don't have a valid u-boot.ext file in place (which therefore leads me to believe since you say it boots correctly without a u-boot.ext file that you are or have followed other instructions and/or used older builds that the one linked to in the instructions I am pointing you towards.) Note I said this earlier, but will repeat with more detail here, if you have used other instructions and/or attempted to install other builds, you will need to reflash your android firmware to start from a known clean starting point in order to attempt your install. The way these builds work is by changing the boot environment stored on emmc. How this is done has changed over time in incompatible ways (and builds by others do it differently as well). But once the uboot environment is modified, you don't know what it is trying to do and the only way to ensure you are successfull is to start from a clean unmodified android environment that the scripts expect to modify (i.e. the scripts aren't smart enough to undo other incompatible changes to the boot environment). Again I suspect this is the case in your situation because if you are using the latest balbes150 build the box should not boot without the u-boot.ext file in place (whereas earlier builds didn't use the u-boot.ext file). So it sounds like you have a u-boot environment installed from an earlier incompatible build that is possibly preventing your box from booting with the u-boot.ext file that should fix the color issue. . To sumarize, you should reflash your box to a clean android firmware. Then follow the instructions in the FAQ post I linked to above. Do not attempt to use any other information found in various places in the forum or in other places at this point. If you are successful at this, then you can try to filter through the other information on the forum to try to get things working better (better dtb settings that your specific box may require). . After all of the above you may or may not get a working box, since balbes150 never supported (or had a s905x3 box to work with) and he has now long ago stopped working on amlogic cpus altogether. But I have a TX3 box with an s905x3 that works for me (minus wifi, bluetooth and gig ethernet). So the final balbes150 build does work for at least some s905x3 boxes.
  21. You say you followed the FAQ steps, but then you say you copied dtb files. There are no steps in the FAQ instructions that talk about copying dtb files. Also, you have meson-sm1-sei610-2.dtb in your extlinux.conf file. There is no such file in the balbes150 build. So clearly you are doing more than simply following the FAQ instructions. Can you please tell me what instructions/tutorials you are following. Clearly I don't know the steps you are doing as they are not part of the instructions in the FAQ. You mention a u-boot.ext from NicoD - again I don't know what this is as this is not in the FAQ instructions. . I guess I would recommend starting from scratch (preferably from a reflashed android firmware so you really are starting from a known point). Then following the steps in the FAQ (not trying to merge steps from other locations, tutorials, etc.
  22. You will need to provide some more information for others to help you, as some of the information you provided does not seem to make sense. You stated that the latest balbes150 version can boot successfully. And I am assuming you are following the instructions in the TV Boxes FAQ. Which would mean that you have chosen a dtb to use (but you do not state what dtb you are booting with), and if following the instructions you have renamed a file to u-boot.ext (which one/ones). You go on to state that the colors are off. You then later state that you can't get it to boot with u-boot.ext. But this doesn't make sense as you stated that you can boot with the balbes150 image which requires the u-boot.ext to boot. So I am not following your explanation of your problem. Could you help explain the problem and the steps you have taken in a bit more detail.
  23. You apparently didn't read the FAQ post carefully as this is addressed: Note2: If you have previously run other distributions on the box such as coreelec the below installation will not work. You will need to restore the original android firmware before attemping the install. coreelec changes the boot environment in ways that are incompatible with these armbian builds.
  24. An external usb wifi adapter should generally work. The key being that the linux kernal has the required driver/module to support that usb driver. Generally any common wifi adapter will have linux kernel support. I would avoid trying to get the cheapest usb wifi adapter you can find, as those are more likely in my experience to not have linux support. Making sure that I am providing a complete answer to your question, the lack of support for the internal wifi on TV boxes is unrelated to support for any specific usb wifi adapter.
  25. Your box only has 1GB. If you googled the part number on you memory chip from the photos (D9PSC) you could have found from specs that these are 2Gb chips and you have four on the board. So 4x 2Gb = 8Gb = 1GB
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