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  1. What build are you using? What instructions are you following?
  2. You should submit a PR (you have already found the code location and have the change in mind), just formalize your request into a PR. https://docs.armbian.com/Process_Contribute
  3. I'm not aware of an armbian-ddbr. ddbr is what Armbian ships with.
  4. @Andr1k If you have one of the community nightly builds installed, you should be able to apt update/apt upgrade to the current build and then apt install linux-headers-current-xxxx. At least that works for me, but I work with amlogic boxes, not the rockchip ones.
  5. What do you mean by this? And what image did you put on your SD card? Also are you following the instructions in the FAQ: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/33676-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus
  6. It depends on what you mean by normal. Currently the OVERLAY_PREFIX for this board is set to: OVERLAY_PREFIX="sun50i-h616" as the overlays are currently being shared between the h616 and h618. So if you rename the overlay with that prefix it should be picked up by armbian-config.
  7. Try a different SD card. I've seen with recent kernels that a lot of SD cards that I have are no longer are working, especially 64G and larger cards. It you have a high quality 16G or 32G SD card try that. I don't have this board so my suggestion may be completely wrong but it would be interesting to hear your results.
  8. It depends. Generally if you follow the installations instructions posted in the FAQ section on this site, then yes it is supported in most cases. The one case that is known not to work is for the first generation of the s905 CPUs. Chips labeled s905. The second, third and beyond generations should be fine. So the s905x (w,d,l, etc), s905x2, etc should work. Just the first gen s905 is known not to work.
  9. I suspect this is the same issue as recently reported here:
  10. That is not an Armbian build. Ophub is a fork of Armbian that continues to use the Armbian name without permission. They do not participate in Armbian development, nor do they participate in these forums. You need to contact them for support of their builds.
  11. @Victorhtf yes it is always located there. What build are you using?
  12. It sounds to me as if you may have used armbian-config to copy the root filesystem to emmc, but didn't copy the boot environment over. So you may have had a working environment with boot from SD, but everything else on emmc. Then when you forced the change of the boot uuid, you now have a broken system as there may not be a boot environment installed on emmc. But since I don't know the exact options you used in armbian-config this is only a guess.
  13. @hex_messer submit a PR. https://docs.armbian.com/Process_Contribute
  14. @Mancas Welcome. You should start here: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/16976-status-of-armbian-on-tv-boxes-please-read-first and then here: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/33676-installation-instructions-for-tv-boxes-with-amlogic-cpus/
  15. Updates to the website can be a manual process for many things. And with any manual process, there are bound to be many mistakes. The most accurate info for any board is to look in the board config file. The board maintainer is automatically maintained from a database of maintainer information. $ grep BOARD_MAINTAINER orangepizero2.conf BOARD_MAINTAINER="krachlatte AGM1968"
  16. I would suggest you read some of the other threads on the orange pi zero 3 in this forum. This board is very new and under active work. But don't expect everything to work yet.
  17. Moved to Community/Unsupported and added orangepizero3 tag.
  18. The answer to this question will likely come out of the 24.02 release planning meeting: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/33605-armbian-2402-release-planning The approval of the developer community is a requirement for standard support of a board. I would suggest you attend this meeting. One thing you may not be aware of that is in the background is the relationship (or lack thereof) between Armbian and Orange Pi. You might notice that they were not mentioned in the Vendor Appreciation section in today's Armbian Leaflet #18. Along with having a maintainer for a board to be supported, it also needs: For a SBC to be considered supported: - must be beneficial to the Armbian project - Armbian team must confirm and agree upon all supported boards statuses Currently I would say the lack of a relationship between Armbian and Orange Pi will make it difficult to demonstrate how the added support workload is beneficial to the Armbian project. (my opinion, not official statement) The zero 2 currently has two maintainers listed.
  19. Anyway you are comfortable with. Armbian comes with a utility called ddbr to create a backup.
  20. It works for me. When I mount that image I have a fully populated armbi_boot partition.
  21. @CODER2127 in the same directory /boot. I have updated the instructions to clarify
  22. The item description pretty much has all the information you need: Q Plus Android Box H616 Quad-core So the box name is the Q Plus And it has an Allwinner H616 cpu
  23. When you have been involved with Armbian for a length of time (and read a few of igor's rants 🙂 ) you will realize why what was said here will not be received well by many within Armbian. It isn't that what you are saying isn't a reasonable comment. The problem is that Armbian is under resourced by probably an order of magnitude. Discussions are continually occurring on how the project can survive let alone move forward. Many of those conversations involve discussing how more can be done with less resources, ways to cut features/scope to make what exists manageable. So by you saying to "put [more work] onto developers in Armbian is far better than ..." you are hitting a nerve. In the current environment that will never pass muster. Any proposed solution needs to maintain or reduce developer work in the long term. So any feature suggestion is going to be measured first against that metric, then secondarily by the merits of that feature. This whole dtd discussion is fundamentally a request for a new feature for Armbian. Regardless of the merits of your focus on the end user experience, that isn't the way Armbian has handled dtbs in any of the existing boards that are supported. I'm not saying that what exists is good or desireable, but it is what it is. Can it be improved, sure. Can it be improved and at the same time not increase maintenance costs going forward, maybe.
  24. I have no other suggestions. I've not run into your situation before. And no there is no way to restore a firmware via uart.
  25. What do you mean by this? You have the usb burning tool running when you plug the male usb to male usb cable into the tv box correct? And also you are not connecting the tv box to power, but letting it be powered from the usb cable?
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