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  1. when i now read the Helios64 Production Update 4 "Our test successful rate is not as high as we expected. It turned out that our FAT software was a bit too strict resulting in some board failing the FAT while they are actually OK" its get a little bit bad taste...
  2. Hello, i want use and control kodi on my Helios64 with the tv remote. Have someone experiance with that and a recommendation for cables or usb c dockingstation? thank you
  3. hello @SIGSEGV tuned is only a another CPU Scaling Governor or? do you have problems before you switch to tuned and this solve your problems ?
  4. @aprayoga as i found in google this settings change the cpu voltage ? is this correct? a misstake with this settings can damage the hardware so one or two words of explation can be helpful
  5. my helios have the same problem after 5-7 days. not useable for a real nas ;(
  6. Hello, i have a litte problem with my armbian/helios. I use a usb hdd for "backup" (snapraid parity) that only need to run every 2 days so that i unmount the drive and put this in standby (hdparm -y /dev) All goes well but after some time the drive awake again (without mount) and i dont know how i can prefent this. does anyone have an idea where I can look thanks for help.
  7. This changelog say thats now work with kernel 5.9? Displayport over USB C
  8. hello, while i am copy files on my server and start 1 or 2 torrent i see that my memory gett less. Yes thats only buffer and caches but he eat faster then he get free so that he starts swapping (what cost cpu and speed) a litte search and i see that cat > /proc/sys/vm/swappiness is 100 and look on my other systems it is set to 60 now woth change this value he dont start swapping and free up faster the memory. can someone explane me why this here is set to 100? thank you
  9. Hello, for me with ubuntu it´s work great to add this ppa and all things are fine you need only install kernel headers with armbian config and than you can install zfs-dkms