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    Aux got a reaction from TRS-80 in [workaround] Odroid C2 boots only when USB stick is plugged in   
    I can live with a bluetooth adapter inside. It would be stupid if the USB stick had to be inside otherwise. 
    I would say that the issue is considered complete.
    Thanks @Igor for the care!
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    Aux reacted to Igor in [workaround] Odroid C2 boots only when USB stick is plugged in   
    USB issues on Odroid C2 are know but not this weird  We need someone to recreate, then this issue will become interested. If this is happening just to you it can be something wrong with your HW ...
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    Aux reacted to chwe in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    the bits to grap this information are here and there.. It needs time to summarize them.. It's mostly a boring task to summarize them, and it comes with *random board*... It's not only the RPi which some random people would like to see supported.. And normally it comes with.. why is *random board* not supported not, based on my attempts, *random board* could be an new interesting platform to support, this, this and this is currently working, here there and there I'm struggling to get things working, I would like to share my work and hope that you can give me some hints to fix them..
    Good examples how things can go in the right direction:
    and a few others (shamelessly I would say that the mt7623 platform bring up thread of mine is also a good one, even when things are on hold since a long time).
    It's a time vs. worthiness decision and @TonyMac32 decided to keep it short (which is completely fine, I would do it as well if I wouldn't need a break from thesis writing.. )
    not really, there are still cases where the RPi shines. It's not as expensive, it's available more or less everywhere.. so if you need a board immediately it might be worth to think about the RPi as well. I've one on my own for a camera related project, where the power is sufficient.. I've set 2-3 up for projects of colleagues.. They can't manage them on their own, and I don't want to deal with those boards anymore.. So an RPi is a save bet.. I can setup a crontab for updates (so that it's not one of those sloppy IoT devices used in botnets - or at least not more than the other RPis around the world) and if they mess up things I've a bash scripts which modifies their 'default raspbian' to their needs (there's absolutely nothing fancy at their needs, it could probably be solved with a ESP8266). I didn't want to wait until another boards makes it through customs and fear that I've to pay some additional taxes.. So going to the next local store, buying a RPi and the most ugly case I could find and a reliable SD-Card and everyone was fine. The Pi is Ok and has its value.. generally spoken it's just not attractive to the developers here, therefore they spend their time on stuff they're interested in.
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    Aux reacted to chwe in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    one of the maintainer of this project (dealing with rockchip and amlogic)?
    Who has not the right to remind you that the discussion is pointless? The decision that current RPis are note supported by armbian was made a long time ago and it still stands. And for the who started first on throwing dirt to each other here doesn't matter to me.. If it's not working on a acceptable level I'll simply end it (without needing dirt.. but with something I don't like, means closing the thread).
    and if you go through this whole thread.. You get some 'objective' and probably also a lot of subjective answers to that.. And just a last one.. Guess what happens if a platform gets added in which no developer has an interest in? Exactly, nobody cares about enhancing the support for it.. Means spending hours of hours of their spare time to make things better, following upstream to pick up stuff like this: integrate it and test if it solves the crippled mailbox system the RPi has? Dealing with the blob bootloader the RPi needs and check after every update of this blob if the new one behaves similar or if they add new thermal throttling behavior which was barley annotated when the RPi3b+ came out? This stuff needs time. It's not only adding a few lines to the buildscript and you're done.. And further Pi1 and Zero is ARMv6, pi 2 is ARMv7 and some ARMv8, pi3 is ARMv8. By default we provide userspace matching to CPU architecture.. It will be a nightmare to explain again and again (and again) that a RPi2 image might not work on a RPi3. That by using RPi3 a bunch of the things which make the Pi useful (e.g. the decoder stuff) might not work cause all the userspace stuff isn't armhf on armbian for 64bit CPUs.
    With Raspian, there's a decent image out for RPis, it gets updates it supports the hardware. It's not armbian but also a debian derivative. And if, for whatever reason you want a Armbian userspace but don't want to deal with kernel work nor bootloader etc. @tkaiser provides a OS layer to frankenstein a 'Armbian on RPi' together ( And if you want to deal with kernel as well.. Fork armbian, add the needed configs for kernel bootloader etc. Glue everything together and deal with the FAT partition the RPi needs for its bootloader (basically the buildscript should allow such FAT partitions). Find a suitable Kernel (probably the one RPi provides on their GitHub - or if you really want to deal with it.. go for a mainline) and craft your own image, based on armbians buildscript (it's on github, everyone can fork it). But don't expect that someone does the work for you especially if those people are simply not interested in the currently available iterations of the RPi. 
    And don't expect as well that they always take as much time as I took this time to explain it again and again, when someone shows up complaining that we don't provide Armbian for RPi... I needed a break from writing serious stuff..
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    Aux reacted to PaulB in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    I was interested in Armbian as an option for either a Raspberry Pi3B+ or an Odroid XU4 but this insulting forum has completely turned me off from wanting to engage with this nonsensically, virulently anti raspberry community. Good Luck with the project though, Armbian looks an incredibly well designed OS. Shame about the fanboys.
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    Aux reacted to martinayotte in No network after upgrade to 5.30   
    This seems to look like the root partition is not found ...
    You should look at the armbianEnv.txt to see if rootdev UUID is matching with the one from your SDCard.
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    Aux reacted to zador.blood.stained in No network after upgrade to 5.30   
    As you can see, apt doesn't think that linux-image-next-sunxi needs to be upgraded, though a more recent version is present in the repository.  It is definitely not an Armbian fault since upgrade on unmodified images works fine, the only thing that needs to be improved is additional packages dependencies and relationships.
    I already suggested what can be done next for some reason, even though the most logical solution in this case would be to erase this image, forget it ever existed and start from scratch.
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    Aux got a reaction from Wolf2000 in No network after upgrade to 5.30   
    Stimme ich vollkommen zu !
    Oh come the junk with the SD card and power supply it is certainly not !!!!!
    And that does not solve the problem.  It ran for over a year and now the cable or SD card is defective and in two cases at the same time? This is a no go