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  1. I summarized the content of a few sites and wrote a complete installation guide for Armbian on a Clearfog pro and Clearfog base. You will need a FAT formatted USB Stick where you can store the Armbian image and some bootloader files an USB A to microUSB B cable Clearfog Base or Pro with a power adapter Prepare installation files mkdir -p /opt/clearfog_installation cd /opt/clearfog_installation curl --output clearfog-emmc-v3.tar.gz tar xfz clearfog-emmc-v3.tar.gz Copy following files to an USB stick mnt <your usb> /mnt/ mv u-boot-clearfog-base-mmc.kwb zImage armada-388-clearfog.dtb /mnt/ Put Armbian to the stick You have to create the _extlinux_ directory and put the _extlinux.conf_ into it. You'll need this do boot a linux image. With it you will be able to write the Armbian image to the eMMC memory mkdir -p /mnt/extlinux mv extlinux.conf /mnt/extlinux/ cd /mnt/extlinux/ Clearfog Pro wget Clearfog Base wget Extract and check integrity 7za e Debian_stretch_next.7z shasum -a 256 -c sha256sum.sha Armbian_*.img STRG+c cd /opt/clearfog_installation umount /mnt Next Steps Plug in USB stick to the Clearfog Plug in USB cable (USB A site) to the PC Plug in USB cable (microUSB B site) to the Clearfog Set Jumper to UART **0 1 0 0 1** PC The maintainer delivers *kwboot* for the installation. With it you can send the u-boot bootloader to the device ./kwboot -t -b u-boot-clearfog-base-uart.kwb /dev/ttyUSB0 Clearfog - Power up the Clearfog - Wait a few minutes of the U-Boot image to download - !! Hit a key to stop autoboot !! - Configure the eMMC to boot from hardware boot partition PC (kwboot terminal) mmc partconf 0 1 1 0 date reset run bootcmd_usb0 login with _root_ mount /dev/sda1 /mnt dd if=/mnt/extlinux/Armbian_5.59_Clearfogpro_Debian_stretch_next_4.14.66.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M conv=fsync hdparm -z /dev/mmcblk0 umount /mnt/ mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 /mnt/ echo 0 > /sys/block/mmcblk0boot0/force_ro dd if=/mnt/usr/lib/linux-u-boot-next-clearfogpro_5.59_armhf/u-boot.mmc of=/dev/mmcblk0boot0 sed -i 's/emmc_fix=off/emmc_fix=on/g' /mnt/boot/armbianEnv.txt umount /mnt/ poweroff PC (a second terminal) killall kwboot screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 Clearfog Unplug power adapter Set jumpers to **0 0 1 1 1** Plugin power jack Now you should see Armbian booting up in the terminal were you executed the _screen_ command Sources First insights ( Maintainers installation guide ( First hint for armbian bootloader installation ( Final Armbian bootloader installation hint