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  1. I'm newbie about drivers and compiling things, so becarefull of what I'm writting, it's certainly wrong. You maybe have 3 possibilities : 1) - copy and past a file (this what I have done one time : 2) - compiling the full armbian and adding to him the patch during compiling ( cf. https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Preparation/ ) 3) - or compiling inside your armbian. When we are looking in https://github.com/avafinger/gc2035 we can see at the end of the page an example of compiling for BSP, so it seems that the right way is the option 3).
  2. Cool if it works. Sorry I didn't remember about the content of gc2035 on github . If it's works fine for you, maybe you have nothing to do ? Why do you think you have to care about it, maybe you have some other problems with the video ?
  3. Thanks for your feedback. As olivluca suggest, I think the first step you can try to do is using the 3.X kernel : https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-lite/ at the end of the page : https://dl.armbian.com/orangepilite/Ubuntu_xenial_default_desktop.7z I hope it will works, please tell us the result.
  4. Hello, An other way to have Firefox working easily : using synaptic we can downgrade from 61 to 45 and firefox don't crash, on OPiPC+ with Armbian_5.38_Orangepipcplus_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.4.113_desktop
  5. Hello, Could you tell us which nano computer you are using, which version of armbian, and which camera ? thanks
  6. Hello, Have you tried to connect the ribbon differently ? For me only as this it was working : https://lightpics.net/i/PyuE
  7. Ok thanks a lot for these informations.
  8. Thanks a lot for your reply. As I'm using CSI camera, it seems that I need for the moment legacy. On https://dl.armbian.com/orangepipcplus/ Debian Strech next is mainline, no ? So the best choice could be Debian Jessy Default for motion eye + CSI camera ?
  9. Very nice ! Have you made some special setup of motioneye ? I'm using armbian ubuntu desktop (but without screen), maybe you use a headless version ? Or maybe it's because of I'm using wifi with an important distance ?
  10. I have made some tests. It's not with USB but with CSI camera of orange pi, on orange pipc+ + armbian ubuntu desktop (but used without screen) & using a debian laptop to connect to the opipc+ If I do : General settings > advanced settings > on Video device > Frame rate > 20 Resolution > 640 x 480 (was by default) I have a better framerate : 10 / 12 fps.
  11. Ok I think I have understood the problem : There is a difference between boot and reboot... nano /etc/rc.local is for booting but not for reboot. So if I add : sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" modprobe gc2035 modprobe vfe_v4l2 exit 0 to /etc/rc.local with root user AND I shutdown the system, it's working, If iI just reboot, it's not working after having edited /etc/rc.local , we have to shutdown and boot...
  12. Thanks for this information, that's good news that there is these progress. Using CSI or USB the framerates are both identical and low (3 - 5fps) using only streaming , i have also no idea if it's because of motionEye default configuration, because I use OrangePiPC+, or other reasons :/ However it's enough for what I'm trying to do (a camera to put in birdhouse for the school project with orangepipc+). oh ok, thanks for your feedback.
  13. @Tom_Neverwinter With ubuntu desktop armbian legacy and following this : the orange pi CSI camera worked for me with motioneye.
  14. Hello, I'm trying to use the CSI Orange Pi camera on orange Pi PC+, with motionEye, with Armbian Legacy Ubuntu desktop stable for OrangePiPC+ ( 5.38 | armhf | armv7l | 3.4.113-sun8i ) here is the armbianmonitor -u http://ix.io/YDB I wasn't able to use the camera but running with this in the terminal, it works ! Thanks. su root sunxi-pio -m "PG11<1><0><1><1>" modprobe gc2035 modprobe vfe_v4l2 However, when I reboot it is not working, and I have to reenter these commands. Doing this : su root nano /etc/rc.local I tr