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    jsfrederick reacted to Werner in No HDD1 when using M.2 SATA on SHARED port.   
    Shared lines are not uncommon even on x86 mainboards. For example: https://www.asrock.com/mb/intel/fatal1ty z97 killer/#Specification
    Take note at Storage and Slots sections:
    That is to mention as addition to @tommitytom.
    You can try to sell it in forums. I already noticed a few people who did this successfully here. However if I were a potential buyer I'd consider a person with such an attitude not necessarily trustworthy
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    jsfrederick got a reaction from TRS-80 in Help on forum moderating   
    I would be happy to assist as a moderator.  I've been a moderator on a number of forums in the past and would love to help out the Armbian community.  I tried to apply through the link bit do not have enough posts.
    I am on the east coast of the US (GMT-5).  Please let me know if I can assist.  
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    jsfrederick got a reaction from TRS-80 in Help on forum moderating   
    YES, please don't leave. We are going to have to determine how this is going to work.

    Igor is the owner of all of this so his opinion matters most. Being a moderator is a tough job, we are ALWAYS the bad cop.

    Let's work as a team to make the Armbian community better. Yes, it'll take a long time, but our support lets the developers do their magic.

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    jsfrederick got a reaction from Werner in Help on forum moderating   
    Thank you Igor.

    I will read the term and guidelines and moderate accordingly.

    And you are correct, I really did not read them when I joined.

    I am happy I can contribute to the Armbian project.

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    jsfrederick got a reaction from gounthar in Pinebook Pro   
    I ordered a second PBP wth the ANSI keyboard. Should be here shortly. I am happy to send my ISO keyboard version to the Armbian developers.

    Just let me know where to ship it. It'll be coming from the United States.

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    jsfrederick got a reaction from Igor in eMMC vs Usb Flash on a Rock64   
    Trying to choose between an eMMC module or a USB Flash drive for the boot volume on a Rock64.  I have a few Rock64's that I'm building as various services (Nextcloud, Pi-Hole, VPN, OMV, and/or Netatalk Backup).  None of these devices will need large boot volumes as the data will be in secondary (Hard or SSD) Drives or will require VERY little data storage.
    On the RPi's that the Rock64's are replacing, I've been using USB Flash drives for booting.  I get the feeling that an eMMC module is a better choice, but do have any real knowledge.  Are the eMMC modules more reliable and less prone to corruption that USB Flash Drives?
    I do have some 32GB and 64GB eMMC models from Pine64 and am going to try them out shortly.  Any thoughts and advice?
    Thank you all in advance.  Armbian ROCKS!
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    jsfrederick got a reaction from WarHawk_AVG in How to Configure OpenVPN Protocol on Armbian with Orange Pi?   
    I am pretty sure PiVPN has been updated to run on Stretch.
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    jsfrederick got a reaction from TonyMac32 in Rock64 USB boot with Armbian   
    I have successfully gotten Armbian to boot from a USB flash drive on the Rock64 board.  Followed ayufan's instructions on how to update SPI Flash with his boot code and then wrote the Armbian Rock64 image to a USB flash drive.  All worked as expected. 
    Thanks to everyone at Armbian for all the great work!