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    manuti reacted to Igor in Armbian loves Microsoft   
    Probably we should switch rather to ?
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    manuti reacted to Igor in Armbian v21.02   
    Release planning: January 2nd. Meeting location is IRC channel #armbian on freenode. Meeting starts at 2pm GMT.
    Open topics / development directions:

    - desktop branch merge into the master
    - enabling 3D support on desktop(s)
    - update u-boot (where possible) to 2020.10 and K5.10.y
    - ZSH setting to default or optimise 1st run choosing
    - moving blob section (except build packages) to newly created structure inside "desktop" branch (need to discuss best way / adjust framework if needed and set rules!)
    - and Jira bugs / features we chose to deal with by then
    There are reports about some broken images on Rockchip legacy, K5.9.y is EOL so there is an option to squeeze another bugfix update with focus on u-boot / kernel update + image refreshing. Anything that is outside of my test rig - I have no idea about the statue - except well known NIC troubles with Orangepi 3.
    @Myy @TonyMac32 @balbes150 @piter75 @sfx2000 @ebin-dev @Heisath @chwe @ning @lanefu @gprovost @aprayoga @5kft @JMCC @martinayotte @going @jeanrhum @dolphs @jock @belfastraven @TRS-80 @Bozza @Rich Neese @sgjava
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    manuti reacted to Igor in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    Raspberry Pi OS started to secretly (!?) adding Microsoft proprietary package base, access to their servers, by default. 
    Security consequences? tl;dr; ... Microsoft gained root access to millions of Rpi users without their consent or awareness. From the outside. This is bad, but it is actually much worse since from the inside they already have full control of your Raspberry Pi regardless of operating system of your choice. Linux/BSD/* can't boot without proprietary Microsoft owned real time OS.
    Most of the RPi users probably just don't care, others are naively assuming they are running FOSS software. Well, a part of it is, a part not. Not as bad as Android, but still. You can peek into the code, but at the end, Google, or lets say corpo world, is/are fully in charge of our mobile devices. Mainly with services.
    After recent Chromium improvements, this is yet another loss for (Linux) community and FOSS in general.

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    manuti reacted to trip in Interface p2p0 is preferred over wlan0 how do I disable it?   
    The following worked
    I added
    [keyfile] unmanaged-devices=interface-name:p2p0 As found in this comment:
    Is that OK?
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    manuti reacted to Igor in Rock Pi S, RK3308 CPU, is it supported by anything?   
    We don't have enough resources to maintain more branches very long - make a build from master.
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    manuti reacted to Kalobok in Rock Pi S, RK3308 CPU, is it supported by anything?   
    Well, if it's possible, why not to include it? Especially that it's almost 30% increase in frequency. Since the board doesn't tend to overheat, there should be no thermal issues.
    Also (and it's quite subjective, I admit), I have an impression that the board is somewhat slow when it has to generate web content for rpimonitor.
    PS Tried usb with custom-built kernel - the same result (USB hubs are present but devices are not recognized).
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    manuti reacted to Kalobok in Rock Pi S, RK3308 CPU, is it supported by anything?   
    Yes, I'd like to test, please provide me instructions.
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    manuti reacted to DanielRuf in Odroid HC4 does not recognize SATA HDDs   
    Hi all,
    tried today’s nightly build today and it actually fixed it.
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    manuti reacted to Kalobok in Rock Pi S, RK3308 CPU, is it supported by anything?   
    Just checked Armbian_21.02.0-trunk.4_Rockpi-s_buster_current_5.9.11_minimal image.
    Wifi works, USB doesn't (lsusb gives no output).
    Also, available frequencies are limited to 1008000, while with the legacy kernel  max freq is 1296000.
    Here's the report:
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    manuti reacted to Salvador Liébana in X86 Windows and Linux programs and games on RK3399 with Box86 Armbian Reforged   
    thanks for the post nico! well, with rk3399 across team we will.make some severe changes on this armbian build. we will move to xfce abd rebrand the build as TwisterOS armbian. the idea would be to start with RK3399, then S922x, not only N2 bc they are competitors arising and also bc you know I don't like N2. cheers! 
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    manuti reacted to Igor in Armbian loves Microsoft   
    If you are running Armbian desktop and you like to use Visual Studio Code,  open a terminal and run:
    sudo apt update sudo apt install code  
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    manuti reacted to guidol in Nanopi R2S overheating and throttling   
    NanoPi Neo3 could now ordered - but not with a metalic case. Dont know how it will heat up in there
    And with this cas you couldnt use the 2 additional 2 USB 2.0 ports or fan-support.... which is available on the pin headers...

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    manuti reacted to AnonymousPi in How to enable RDP (xrdp) with Armbian so you can login from a Windows PC   
    Update, for whatever reason this is broken in Armbian focal, and the issue appears to be due to an Armbian shell script that xrdp doesn't like, so after doing the install, you also need to then do:
    sudo mv /etc/profile.d/ /etc/profile.d/armbian-check-first-login.old And volia, you'll actually get a desktop when you RDP from windows.
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    manuti reacted to fraz0815 in Fix for XRDP on 20.08 (Debian Buster)   
    after updating my nanopct4 and rockpi-4b to from 20.05 to 20.08 RDP stopped working for me, only black screen.
    After reading all the messy logs, fresh install etc, I found a simple working solution online:
    In /etc/xrdp/ change 
    #!/bin/sh  to 
    Maybe others are affected too, don't know about Ubuntu.
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    manuti reacted to legogris in Focal vs Buster?   
    It's not a case of arm64 not being as well-supported. In general most modern software has way better support on arm64 than armf. If you're on a 64-bit processor, you can choose. HC2 will simply not do arm64 since it's a 32-bit processor.
    You can use either distro. I'd personally vouch for buster, or even bullseye. debian's testing is generally relatively stable in this phase of the lifecycle, and buster has old versions with known issues of some packages by now.
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    manuti reacted to rna in H2: Sunvell R69 Android TV Box (AliExpress)   
    Hi @manuti
    How did you do that? I mean what kind of tool and command that you used to force next boot using uSD card from android? many thanks
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    manuti reacted to Igor in Help Test Upcoming Armbian v20.08 (Caple)!   
    My big test rig:
    32 devices IN
    31 devices OUT
    Only Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 failed to respond after extreme testings ...
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    manuti reacted to lanefu in Help Test Upcoming Armbian v20.08 (Caple)!   
    We have nightly images built available for the boards below.   Please help us test and report your experience via This Google Form.
    Images are available via our normal Armbian download page.  Just scroll to the bottom to the "nightly build" section.
    Bananapi Bananapim2plus Bananapim2zero Bananapipro Clearfogbase Clearfogpro Cubietruck Espressobin Helios4 Lepotato Lime-a64 Nanopct4 Nanopiair Nanopim4 Nanopim4v2 Nanopi-r1 Nanopi-r2s Odroidc2 Odroidc4 Odroidn2 Odroidxu4 Orangepi3 Orangepi4 Orangepione Orangepipc Orangepipc2 Orangepipcplus Orangepizero Orangepizeroplus2-h3 Orangepizeroplus2-h5 Pine64 Pinebook-a64 Pineh64 Pineh64-b Rock64 Rockpi-4a Rockpi-4b Rockpi-e Teres-a64 Tinkerboard Tritium-h3 Tritium-h5
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    manuti reacted to guidol in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW (armhf ARMv7)   
    Who did say that I wanted that?  I know thats a problem on all SBCs when getting a new OS.
    It was only as information!
    Its really cool to get a newer Kernel greater than 3.0x AND armbian-style  Many Thanks!
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    manuti reacted to fabiobassa in CSC Armbian for RK322X TV Boxes   
    For those boxes is really a jungle !!
    Those Chinese tend to grab the first avaible cheap chip and put inside so a big variety of possibilities.
    @Jock contacted me and maybe now is the moment to " put hands " in this sluttish driver.
    @Ztrawberry the driver for ssv6051 doesn't suit sv 6x5x this is the problem and that project for a universal image is a nice idea but me and jock and other clever programmers  ( the same man  that bring libreelec to life on those boards @knaerzche ) own so many different boards that  has been reached great maturity  on rk 322x . Mostly bugs are well known ( ssv6x5x among others) and still working on them
    Of course support , ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated
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    manuti reacted to vlna in Beelink x2 wifi problems   
    I've built fresh image for Beelink X2 on 2020-07-18. Focal with Xorg only. It looks even wifi works out of box.
    Download image at
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    manuti reacted to jernej in Hardware Graphic/Video Acceleration in H3 Mainline   
    Well, kernel modification is needed for better decoding (less glitches). Probably new *-ctrl.h files contain new fields (not 100% sure) which also need to be filled.
    There is no any post processing implemented here like scaling. It would be possible to do that via SoC specific peripherals but that wouldn't be universal and thus it's out of scope of this library.
    Anyway, I'm glad you succeeded.
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    manuti reacted to Pega in Armbian for TV box rk3328   
    Is there a set of instructions available on how to update from an early version to a recent version?
    I got a H96 Max rk3328 running a very early release of the Armbian rk3328 builds, i want to update to a recent version now and after 2 days of searching and trying still no luck...
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    manuti reacted to balbes150 in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW (armhf ARMv7)   
    Test image for rk3188
    Download, unpack and burn the ArmbianTV image to your SD card.
    Connect to the TV box and turn on the power. The system will start automatically.

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    manuti reacted to Virverus in Single Armbian image for RK + AML + AW (armhf ARMv7)   
    you are right , visual inspection: