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  1. manuti liked a post in a topic by tkaiser in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    You might better try to educate yourself about what really happened. Bananas and Oranges are Cubieboard descendants which itself is in a line with Mele A1000 (or more in general: Allwinner A10/A20 based Android devices that were popular in China and were exported later by Tom Cubie which kickstarted more or less linux-sunxi community, Cubietech and sites like CNX). These origins on A10/A20 happened in 2012 when RPi software support was still very limited. Below one rackmounted Mele A2000 cluster (real Ethernet and real SATA combined with SSDs made the difference to toys):

    Even the power plug used on Bananas and Oranges is inherited from those first Mele TV boxes!
    At the time RPi was in early development Beagleboard was already there, ODROIDs were already there and in China they had something similar to RPi already years before (QQ2440 and Mini2440 are FriendlyARM products, yes the company now selling NanoPis since Westerners are that stupid that they only can accept a good SBC design if it has Pi in its name)
    When speaking about RPi it's more or less about Western perception and of course marketing (that's where the RPi Foundation really excels)
  2. manuti liked a post in a topic by tkaiser in ODROID HC1 / HC2   
    HC2 is now officially available: (see especially mechanical incompatibility note for few 3.5" HDD at the bottom)
  3. manuti liked a post in a topic by balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X
  4. manuti liked a post in a topic by finally in Latest update makes Beelink X2 unbootable   
    Good to know. I just wanted to upgrade my beelink x2 to the latest version - but when it's like this I'd rather wait a little
  5. manuti liked a post in a topic by balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X   
    Uploaded the site to the directory Armbian a test version of the Ubuntu image Mate 20180116 with the new version of the kernel 3.14.29. In this manner significantly extended the list of dtb files.
    Request to all, to try to run this image with different dtb files (including groups on the model of your TV box). If this kernel will work fine, I will upload the remaining images (Ubuntu\Debian server\DE).
  6. manuti liked a post in a topic by Raylynn Knight in Latest update makes Beelink X2 unbootable   
    I've been using a Beelink X2 with Armbian for some time now booting from eMMC.   I ran an "apt update; apt upgrade" on the box early on 01/14/2018 and a reboot was suggested at the end.  The system did not successfully reboot after this update and it appears that it doesn't recognize uboot on the eMMC.   At the time I had other pressing matters so I set it aside to work on today.   Today I downloaded the latest image Armbian_5.34.171121_BeelinkX2_Debian_stretch_next_4.13.14_desktop.img, verified it and successfully wrote the image to a 16GB microSD card.  This successfully booted the X2, I then did an "apt update; apt upgrade" on the microSD card and rebooted.  This then resulted in an un-bootable SD card!   Something in the latest update is causing an issue with uboot on the X2.  I'm now rewriting the original image to the microSD and will attempt to determine what update is causing the issue!
  7. manuti liked a post in a topic by Larry Bank in Support of Raspberry Pi   
    RPI is married to Broadcom because that's where their engineers used to work. They cobbled together their SBCs from older, inexpensive parts to be able to hit their "amazing" price points. The Broadcom SoCs were designed for set top boxes and are not necessarily the best for Linux SBCs due to their long list of limitations (e.g. slow USB, slow+old ARM cores, slow+limited RAM). For me, the worst offender is the Raspberry Pi 0. It's 11 year old technology (armv6) released with a "teaser" price that was never meant to succeed as an actual product. The other end of the spectrum for offensive Linux SBC board vendors is Qualcomm. They tease out their overpriced chips in a watered down board with odd and half-working (e.g. GPS) parts to get their feet into "this IoT market thing". The Chinese chip vendors are the only ones who are willing to put their best chips (e.g. RK3399) onto publicly available boards running Linux. I have a feeling that this is more of a "try anything to conquer all markets" than a real understanding or effort to help the IoT community.
  8. manuti liked a post in a topic by balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X   
    Image works with SD cards and USB drives. Regular firmware in the device is NOT CHANGED. When you replace the dtb file can be run on any device with Amlogic chip S905 s905x s912   When you first start the system, the root user password is 1234   The minimum media size - 4 GB     Option how to start (Activation multi-boot).  
    ****************************************** Manual run Systems ******************************************

    Now all images Armbian and LE has all the files for activate the multi-boot. Anything in addition to download and copy to media is not required.

    1. Download the desired image
    2. Unpack
    3. Record an image on the medium
    4. to run Android
    5. open the app "Update&Backup"
    6. Select local update and an archive on removable media (
    7. Run update
    8. System twice to reboot and start running the system from external media.
    9. If after 7-10 minutes on the monitor not to receive any messages on system startup. Turn off TV box and add in manual in the first partition (FAT) the file "dtb.img". On the media there is a directory dtb from where you can take the files and copy them to the root of the renaming of "dtb.img".

    Need to pick up the option for the file system will run. Pay attention, after you add\change the dtb file, you need to try to run the system and waiting to run 7-10 minutes. If not happened, repeat with a different dtb file.

    Attention !!!! On models with S802 S805 S812. Activation multi-boot is possible ONLY with SD card (activation of the USB stick is NOT WORKING). After a one-time activation procedure is multi-boot, run a variety of systems is possible from ANY storage media (SD cards and USB storage devices).  
    ************************************************** ************************************************** *******
    The choice of shell to start (Mate\XFCE or KODI).
    On the screen enter username and password (in lightdm) in the upper right corner of the screen there is a menu where you choose which GUI to run. The list will be three items (two rows with kodi) and the last line mate. Select mate (something opposite mate was the point), then enter the username and password. The system remembers the last selected mode. If at the next login or what not to choose in this menu, system at the entrance will trigger the option that was turning off in the previous session.
    Install to eMMC (NAND)
        To install Armbian in the internal memory, you must execute multiple commands. We strongly recommend TO PreRUN create a full backup of the entire contents of the internal memory. This will allow you to return to the current state of the firmware at any time. To create a complete backup you need to execute commands.
    su -
    (enter passwd root)
    The running tip backup script
    After creating the backup, to install to internal memory (eMMC) of the command being executed
    Pay attention, if you not are sure that you will be able to solve possible problems from the installation of the internal memory (eMMC), do NOT PERFORM these commands.
    su -
    (enter passwd root)
    Setup HDMI out.
    The configure script video output reside in a directory on a FAT partition (on a running system, this partition is automatically mounted to the /boot directory). This script can be changed. To change the screen resolution from 720p to 1080p, you need to uncomment the line "#mode=1080p60hz" and comment out the line "mode=720p60hz". Similarly, you can change the color depth from the default 24 to 32 (bpp=24). Note that with 32 bit color significantly changes the desktop. In this script you can place the commands you want to run WebMin , Doker, ask line to run the USB port (if necessary), configure, sound card, etc.
    On Wifi.
    run as root user one of these commands in the terminal
    An example command to load module “dhd” or “wifi_dummy”
    modprobe dhd
    modprobe wifi_dumm
    After verification of the selected module, if everything is working correctly, you can add it to the autorun list (add string name of the module in the file /etc/modules).
    Remote control.
    Added support for remote control. To use it you need to add the correct file “remote.conf” in the /boot directory or /etc/amremote. By default, a part of the image includes several predefined files (in the /boot directory). To use it you need to rename one of the files in “remote.conf”. Additionally uploaded the site to the directory the deb package “amremote.deb” , which can be installed in the old system (do not download the whole image). After installing this package you need to run service “amlogic-remotecfg” and add (rename) the correct file 'remote.conf".
    Auto login
    Add line to /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/11-armbian.conf
    Additional information
    Wiki Information to enable multi-boot on the WiKi is outdated, use to activate the multi-boot description from this post in the beginning.  
     Other versions of images with different Linux systems.

  9. manuti liked a post in a topic by balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X   
    All the entry works correctly, cause in Your system.
    If the main task is watching a video, you better use LE as the main OS in eMMC. KODI in Armbian is designed for simple playback , without additional functions.
    1. A major upgrade of the system through the standard procedure of apt upgrade), the kernel is not updated often. You can upgrade it through installation of the finished kernel packages, which are laid out with substantial changes.
    2. You can use your build KODI from official sources. The instructions are on the official website of KODI.
    3. This cusp (reference to former name for special occasions).
    4. Yes, it is normal behavior MATE (there's no support for HW acceleration).
    5. New kernel 4.x does not yet have support for video playback in full screen.
    6. The opportunity is there, but you need to patch the kernel sources.
  10. manuti liked a post in a topic by vuhuy in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X   
    Hey @balbes150. I've been using your S905 images for a while now (on a Mini M8S II). Great job and great effort, I really appreciate it. However, I do use Kszaq's LibreELEC as my main OS, as the primary job of this box was to function as media player. I'm now thinking of replacing LibreELEC with your ARMBIAN image as they provide both a good Kodi and Linux desktop experience.
    But before doing that, I have some questions about updates. Do you have the time to answer these? I'm sorry if the answer is already posted in this thread somewhere else. I'm having a hard time using the search function here at
    1) What is the general procedure to update the firmware? I don't want to format every time when a new image is released. I noticed you provide kernel deb packages for ARMBIAN 5.34 on your Yandisk. Are you planning to release the kernel deb packages for upcoming releases? Other software can be updated with apt, but how about the rest of the rootfs? Does the rootfs change much between releases? Or do you recommend to wipe the rootfs and start with a clean install every update?
    2) Related to question 1, how can I upgrade Kodi? I noticed Kodi was build from source in your image and isn't managed by any package manager. I assume the Kodi version in the ARMBIAN repo isn't sufficient to run on this box. Do you have any notes on building Kodi from source for this box? For example, important key differences in building and configuration. I guess Kodi must be compiled with support for the Mali GPU and there is some extra configuration needed. It would be great to get some pointers on that, or a maybe a git / build configuration to start with?
    3) There are two Kodi's mentioned in the LightDM greeter session list. What is the point of that? The /usr/share/xsessions directory shows a kodi.desktop and a xmbc.desktop file. The contents of both files seems the same, only the filename differs. What's the reason for that?
    4) Video seems to work smoothly in Kodi. However, when using MATE and mpv the video stutter  alot when playing in non-fullscreen mode. Switching to fullscreen makes the video plays smoothly. Is this expected behaviour? Armbian 5.37 Ubuntu Mate 20171226.
    -- And some other more general questions --
    4) Amlogic provides 4.14 kernels, still the 3.14 kernel is still used by many projects. Is there a reason for this? Would you recommend starting experimenting with the 4.14 kernel? Or would this open a new gate to driver hell and / or stability issues?
    5) Does the Mali driver supports non HD resolutions, for example 1024x768 and 1680x1050? I know the drivers supplied in your image does not, but maybe some compile option or newer version of the driver does?
    Thank you in advance!
  11. manuti liked a post in a topic by balbes150 in Armbian for Amlogic S805   
    Image update S805 20180112.
    Updated kernel to version 3.10.99. Added screen mode 1080p. This mode is enabled by default. To switch to 720p you need to edit first line of script /boot/ For smooth playback of test video I recommend to reduce the window size of the reproduced video to the size that would have enough system resources for smooth video playback.
  12. manuti liked a post in a topic by Larry Bank in Why the Tinkerboard and the ROCK64 don't have the same kernel?   
    I have the good fortune of owning an Asus Flip CP100A which is a RK3288 1.8Ghz w/4GB RAM and USB 3 ports running Linux via Crouton. No heat/power problems and runs about 5x faster than an RPI3  
    Maybe the new "S" version of the Tinkerboard will fix some of the issues you're seeing.
  13. manuti liked a post in a topic by balbes150 in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X   
    Added control files for MD5.
    Added the files to MEGA. Try this link.
  14. manuti liked a post in a topic by balbes150 in Armbian for Amlogic S912   
    Added the files to MEGA. Try this link.
  15. manuti liked a post in a topic by devrus in Orange pi prime ffmpeg hardware acceleration   
    I've build ffmpeg from sources with suport for hw acceleration for h264 for rpi3
    It is not possible to achive same for plex because their Plex Transcoder is modified ffmpeg. And sources are closed...
    I've created topic on a plex forums maybe they can give their sources
  16. manuti liked a post in a topic by guidol in No boot text by HDMI on Orange pi lite   
    You could try to use the info from the following thread:
    - edit  /boot/armbianEnv.txt
    - change "console=both" to console=display
    - save
    - reboot
  17. manuti liked a post in a topic by tkaiser in Meltdown and Spectre   
     To quote the most important sentence there (emphasis by me):
    So how is Armbian affected?
    Allwinner A10 boards (Cortex-A8): easy solution, stop supporting them, it's only one board left AFAIK Micro-USB powered support nightmares called MiQi and Tinkerboard (Cortex-A17): in my personal opinion support for power hungry boards with Micro-USB for DC-IN should be phased out. Once this is done problem solved ODROID-XU4 (Cortex-A15): stop supporting legacy kernel and switch next from 4.9 to 4.14 (in the hope of an upstream fix arriving soon) That's it.
    BTW: it's frustrating how much attention Meltdown and Spectre get compared to more severe security issues  
    Edit: I forgot i.MX6 (Cortex-A9). Given how 'popular' these boards are these days the most easy 'solution' would also be to phase support out.
  18. manuti liked a post in a topic by tkaiser in ODROID HC1 / HC2   
    Update on HC2: Mass production will start in approx. 2 weeks. HC2 will be fully software compatible (same SoC, SATA bridge and even same schematics design except 12V power rails for a 3.5" HDD added on HC2). The hardware changes should be obvious: 12V DC-IN and much larger enclosure/heatsink to fit the size of 3.5" HDDs.
  19. manuti liked a post in a topic by Larry Bank in SmartGear multi-system emulator released as open-source   
    I just released my multi-system game emulator (GameBoy+NES+GameGear for now). Optimized for directly outputting to SPI LCD displays (e.g. ili9341). Runs on any CPU type, but has optimizations for ARM+X64. I wrote 100% of the code, so it might be behave differently than other game emulators. GB+GG are nearly perfect. NES is missing some popular mappers. The code is very optimized to begin with, but also uses a dirty-tile system to minimize the data sent to the SPI bus. This allows inexpensive SPI displays (e.g. ili9341) to run at or near 60 frames per second for many games even though the SPI bus can only do 30FPS of full screen updates.

    The SPI display access uses my SPI_LCD library ( This means that it doesn't need fbtft nor fbcp and can run on any Linux board. It has built-in code to talk to GPIO pushbuttons, so no special drivers/software are needed to run on "GBZ" systems. Below is a photo of SmartGear running on an Orange Pi Lite with the PiPlay Portable prototype hardware.

  20. manuti liked a post in a topic by Igor in Orange Pi One Plus   
    - H6
    - 1GB
    - gigabit
    - 26pin
    - powering only via DC input
    - PMU AXP805
    - 1 x USB2.0 host and 1 x micro USB 2.0
    - size: 69x47mm
    - weight: 50g
    - price USD20-25

  21. divinesheet liked a post in a topic by manuti in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X   
    Real morons over there 
  22. manuti liked a post in a topic by tkaiser in Beelink X2 doesn't boot Linux   
    Useless unless you want to 'restore performance' or perform the equivalent of TRIM on an SD card (if the card supports it).
    It gets pretty boring to repeat everything again and again since it's written in Armbian's documentation:
    TL;DR: Check download authenticity/integrity, check your card with  F3 or H2testw, burn with Etcher. Everything else is a waste of time.
  23. manuti liked a post in a topic by mdel in ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X   
    it's not really an answer to your problem but i'll mention that for headless server oriented devices with good performance for the price, i have moved to rockchip and specifically rk3328 devices (same as rock64 board) which (should) have good Gbe and usb3.
    The rk3328 is not more powerful than a s905 (i don't care about hw decoder and 3D stuff) but it has a crypto extension module that works fine and will almost saturate a Gbe openvpn link, i bought a 2g/16g + bt/802ac (not working in linux yet) for around 35e, it's the alfawise z28 pro, here's a thread about it
    Read the thread carefully it has some serious caveats (can't boot from sdcard which it could, but no on that particular board) so it may not be a device for everyone and we are currently waiting for other box reviews to see if another one has less "linux install" problems..
    i've been using a linux mainline kernel (17.04 server) on it for a month and i don't think i'll need a device more fully featured that this one for quite some time..
  24. manuti liked a post in a topic by rafaelSorel in MXQ pro 4k boot problem   
    You need to follow the balbes150 tuto to get the box booting from the sd card, basically you need to activate the multiboot.
    Booting on android then plug the sd card and go to update&backup android application and choose the file from you boot partition inside the sd card.
    Here is the link:
    Please note that mxq pro 4k has different meson version(s905, s905x...), so basically you need to try different device tree files dtb.