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Found 7 results

  1. board ist lafrite with 512mb, 8gb emmc tried all possible ports for i2c. first by configuring with armbian-config and activating i2c port a and b. then manual by writing an overlay to activate i2c_ao and deactivate the uart on pins 3+5; also tried pins 27+28; i2cdetect -y bus-nr (0, 1) never detected anything; i2cdetect -l gave me correct ports; i2cdetect -y for the hdmi-port allways worked.
  2. as described in: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/issues/2377 it's possible to use meson HW video codec now, but in the URL, not very clear, does any one know how to use it?
  3. I've recorded Armbian_20.11_Lafrite_focal_current_5.9.6.img.xz to an usb drive and booted it on La Frite with the latest firmware u-boot-2020-07-r7.bin from http://share.loverpi.com/board/libre-computer-project/libre-computer-board/aml-s805x-ac/firmware/. Armbian boots but text is almost unreadable. I guess, I have to tweak some linux boot parameters but I don't know how to do this without GRUB. I tried holding u-boot button during a launch of the board but it gives no effect. How should I edit kernel parameters on La-Frite? Is there any other solution?
  4. Looked at similar issue posts and followed their advice (except for running dtbo files, my guess is those were board specific). put this in my armbianEnv.txt overlays=spi-spidev param_spidev_spi_bus=0 but on reboot I still get nothing in /dev/spi* my armbianmonitor wasnt working so its attached Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! armbian_monitor.txt
  5. Placeholder for Libre Computer La Frite general topics Marked "Supported" as of Nov. 24, 2019 Reference pages: https://libre.computer/products/boards/aml-s805x-ac/ https://forum.loverpi.com/categories/libre-computer-aml-s805x-ac https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dl3lLTs407OZ7HhPYjjlvDX2_FPfKHMr/view
  6. I know there is a template, but this board is already on the download page as unsupported, just ran a group of tests on it after building a full desktop image, I think we can move it to supported without any issues, the S805X is the same as an S905X with some things turned off, like comparing an H3 and an H2+. Pros: SPI contains u-boot, we don't have to do anything with that. Libre Computer updates the firmware periodically (available on their site) already supports USB boot, etc, and has a "press escape for menu" option, making it very difficult to brick. UMS mode is menu selectable (I feel like we need to look at this. I have booted Armbian from both USB and eMMC using the SPI bootloader without issue Board has no special hardware that isn't part of the SoC, so as long as mainline support for the SoC remains, should be minimal support Amlogic devices are being cared for by BayLibre Cons: less powerful than other Amlogic powered offerings will bring "bought the cheap one need support" crowd (not that that's unique)
  7. I think it would make sense to rename the forum section here from "Amlogic S905(x)" to "Amlogic". It would make much more sense for me to talk here for example about the Armbian port of the Odroid C0/C1/C1+ (Amlogic S805) then in any other forum section.
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