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my first extreme try was the NanoPi A64 (from Pine64) with Buster and as Dev-version, but this experiment was too far ;)
It did boot but unstable (reboot & freezes) with different cards...


So - because you did post on twitter the picture of the NanoPi R1 mainline 4.19.35 login - I used my "old" Orange Pi R1 and

compiled OPi R1 Buster Dev and this seem to run MUCH better than the first try on the NanoPi A64 :)


Now I will try a normal mainline with the NanoPi A64 for Buster - like your NanoPi R1 build


but (only dev?) buster hasnt wget fro armbia-config as standard onboard?:
root@orangepi:/home/guido# armbian-config
/usr/sbin/armbian-config: line 26: wget: command not found
Warning: Configuration cannot work properly without a working internet connection.              
Press CTRL C to stop to stop or any key to ignore and continue.


after apt get wget it was OK


also ftpd doesnt seem to be onboard anymore - used now vsftpd as replacement



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2 hours ago, guidol said:

wget: command not found

It seems that base packages are different ... I didn't check anything at this stage. Perhaps a diff between stretch and buster packages should be nice to have. From CLI and desktop ... and adjust accordingly. Probably there are some other packages missing.

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I made several test builds and tests installs on Debian Buster and IMHO it is ready for user level/extended testing. Most interesting for us is that our modifications and things defined in armbian-config remain working. Most of them will, but some will fail ... I did install a desktop over Buster, it works, but haven't done many tests, hostapd works (but it throws out some errors that need to be examined, ...)

Ubuntu Disco is in a similar state. CLI works, desktop upgrade works, ...

How to extend this testing? Shell all nightly images only be Buster/Disco, most popular boards gets a CLI test version? Exotic ones? "Chosen" ones? Shell we unlock building but leave a mark "WIP" or something?

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22 hours ago, Igor said:

"Chosen" ones

I need some more detailed testing on Amlogic platform so I choose to enable nighties and work with Le Potato. If one wants to join bug hunting and don't have ability for images building he should submit a PR with board config changes similar to this one:

Le Potato Buster and Disco images

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