Build Environment seems to be broken

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Hi there,

I'm trying to run compile.sh since several days as mentioned in the instructions with Vagrant but no success so far.




Vagrant Guest steps

Instruction tells cd armbian but it is cd /vagrant



First run of ./compile.sh stops because the following packages signature could not be verified.

Downloading the following packages manually, unpacking them in cache/toolchain and creating a .download-complete file fixed this issue.

All other following packages were installed automatically.






I want to compile a 3.4'er Kernel fpr bananapi

After selecting "bananapi" and "default" it is compiling a while and then complains: 

[ error ] ERROR in function compile_uboot [ compilation.sh:211 ]
[ error ] U-boot file not found [ u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin ]
[ o.k. ] Process terminated


I'm stuck now. Any help is appreciated.



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4 hours ago, Ralf said:

with Vagrant but no success so far

Perhaps Vagrant is broken or your manual intervention were not correct? Can you try building under Docker or manually inside VM?

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According to this log, this is were it is really failing :

  SHIPPED dts/dt.dtb
  FDTGREP dts/dt-spl.dtb
  CAT     u-boot-dtb.bin
  COPY    u-boot.dtb
  COPY    u-boot.bin
  MKIMAGE u-boot.img
./tools/mkimage: Can't map u-boot.img: Invalid argument
make: *** [u-boot.img] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
Makefile:1090: recipe for target 'u-boot.img' failed

I don't know why ... We need to investigate ...

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5 minutes ago, martinayotte said:

I don't know why ... We need to investigate ...

His build system was not installed clearly so its possible that things are missing ... and I cant't reproduce this error on native build (cleaning source caches before). It works.

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