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[rk3288] Ugoos UT3+ / UT3 Plus


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Found an old (2015) Ugoos UT3+ / UT3 Plus with an rk3288 - the neat thing about this board is it has HDMI-IN !






Also has PIP









I'm was eventually able to successfully screen capture @ 1920 x 1080 ~29 fps using the Android 5.1.1 firmware V3.0.7 for UT3+ https://mega.nz/#!cQpl0ICS!8EgHddI3_PXQsSe-TSrkHfxdHCmkbckNWBYuLhfuA7w


The firmware crashes frequently and the painful part is the IR remote is required to start recording.. so I'll be porting gentoo / armbian to this device to turn this paper weight into a linux friendly screen capture device.


It maybe also worthwhile to document the process and create an armbian porting guide.


Aside, for those interested, its worth to mention the LKV373A HDMI / ethernet sender is a potential $30 HDMI screen capture alternate.

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Order Armbian Linux merch!

Did some more digging and even though its an "old" product, its still produced for OEM customers using it for current products.


The HDMI-IN is via a HDMI-to-CSI chip, Toshiba TC358749




This explains why its implemented as a webcam in android. The CSI variant already has a linux driver in mainline : https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/media/i2c/tc358743.c

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I have 2 Android 7 images booting on the UT3(S).

I will upload the dts files based on 4.4.112 kernels, maybe it will help us to get the device working better with Linux support?

The dts files are in hex format not decimal format since I don't have the original source code and extracted it from Android.


I have the Android 5.1 kernel source code too but it's based on an old 3.10 kernel, not sure if that will help.


I also have an RK3288 Android 8 SDK but there is no dts for ut3 to compile a kernel or working Android firmware.

The SDK is also a tablet SDK and have no 'box' support but should technically be able to work since the Tinkerboard also uses a tablet Nougat SDK.

The closest dts file I find is the rk3288-firefly-reloaded.dts one in the Rockchip-linux kernel source on Github and in the Android SDK.

Perhaps it or the RK3288 Q8 dts file can help to make a 4.4.x and mainline Armbian or LibreELEC image for the UT3(S) that works better and maybe also help with a new Android OS(if I can get it booting).


I also have a second UT3 that I bricked by flashing RK3368 or Linux firmware to the internal emmc by accident.

It still had Android KitKat on and didn't support booting from a micro-sd card.

The bootloader or emmc is most like corrupt and no flash tools can detect or flash it anymore.

There isn't perhaps a way in Linux to repair it or must I write it off?


Al my attention was on RK3328 & RK3399 devices, so I didn't spend more time on RK3288, but maybe now I can.

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I don't think you bricked your UT3, you can always recover it shorting the eMMC clock pin to ground forcing it into MASKROM mode which, in turn, tries to boot from sdcard. The procedure is well-documented online and it is pretty straightforward as long as you have minimal practice skills. Also the eMMC


There are some reports that the Q8 images above work because someone else already tried it on the UT3. As a matter of fact, most of the things are already there but clearly the device tree needs to be adapted to support all those peripherals which are external to the SoC (like leds, buttons, IR receivers, etc...).


The original dts is a very good starting point, but you need to know how device tree works. Also decompiled device trees are a bit confusing at a first glance.

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On 3/28/2020 at 3:00 AM, e97 said:

My company was able to get the datasheets.. Hope to open source the driver and image as soon as possible

It would be nice to get a dts/dtb with several missing features compared to current XT-Q8L-V10 CSC image like emmc, fan and power led.

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