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H2/H3: "old problem" Link (eth0) is Up/Down syndrom


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14 minutes ago, Igor said:



Put few thousands on our account if you have such ideas or hire someone to get you that information. We have shared all we know - we always do that. To get a better information, to find a bug, additional time has to be lost. Perhaps a day is enough, perhaps a week wont. And we have other, much more important things to do. We would improve this service, but you don't care so ... 


@Igor - I have just put a few thousands on your account. Can I therefore kindly a request a withdrawal of the "you don't care" part of the above? Thank you.

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For those who end up here via search engines:


On a NanoPI M4V2 (RK3399) I activated the `tuned` profile "latency-performance" for my use case without the intention to address this issue. Thus, by coincidence, I recognized that the issue apparently disappeared (or got a lot less frequent, at least, since it hasn't appeared in the last 12 hours). I don't have the time/priority to track down which of the settings actually helped but it should be the governor or cstate settings.

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Thank you @lpirlfor your tip, unfortunately it did not work on my Orange Pi PC (H3 CPU), running Armbian 22.05.1 Bullseye with Linux 5.15.43-sunxi.

Here is what I tried (as root) :

apt install tuned tuned-utils tuned-utils-systemtap
tuned-adm profile latency-performance


It happens since I changed my ISP (and the router they provide). I tried all ethernet ports, but unfortunately nothing worked :(

@guidolwas right, I will try to put a switch between the router and the OPi to see if it gets better!

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Hi All.


I have nanopi-neo with exactly the same problem.

What I've found is that link may be established if i turn off autonegotiation on my PC and force 10Half mode.

However it is still not fully functional. I can seed Rx packets are growing as well as Tx packets. But there are no packets actually transmitted (checked with wireshark on PC).


I can experiment. Can anyone suggest what should I try to troubleshoot?

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On an orange pi one I notice the same regularly:


│Jan 21 15:50:25 a-m kernel: [ 1757.658898] dwmac-sun8i 1c30000.ethernet eth0: Link is Down                                                                                                         │
│Jan 21 15:50:27 a-m NetworkManager[1119]: <info>  [1674312627.1444] device (eth0): carrier: link connected


I can test with multiple samples.

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