Is anyone Using a RK3399 SBC like the Nanopi M4 as a Desktop System


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in Germany electrical Power ist getting more and more expensive (reaching 30ct per kWh). So I am trying to work out a Desktop Usercase Scenario (Mail, Office, Browsing, Video Streaming, Audio Streaming) on a SBC System.

My experience is growing in Using a Manjaro XFCE on the Pi 4B (4GB), Booting from SSD. It works very well, nearly like the former used Deskmini A300 with Athlon 200GE. And I also tried out the Jetson Nano, Ubuntu 18.04.

On both Systems you can get a satifsfying Desktop Experience, but the Jetson with ist Cortex A57 Core Base is a bit slower, also while it is used from an micro SD SanDisk A1 Card.

For a long time I ve been watching the SBC market, I think the RK 3399 should perform very well in this Usecase, but how mature is the support by the OS? Is it possible to stream Videos in a Browser on the Desktop (like the both above)?


Thank you for answering!



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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Hi. I use the NanoPi M4V2 as main desktop. Works great with the default kernel and the media script from jmcc.
Video playback for youtube is 1080p 30fps or 720p60fps. While video files up to 4k can be watched. 

In mainline we're working on getting good video playback. Now that only works in default kernel, but GPU drivers now work in mainline.

I've got many other sbc's. None that is this powerful, has such good software, and great I/O with the PCIe gpio's.

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