Opi One H6 -- 1.8 Ghz on 5.4.x+ ?

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Hi All!

Is it possible to enable 1.8 Ghz on kernels 5.4.x (stable one) and 5.5-rc2 ?

Thanks in advance!


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I can easily crash one of my test boards when clocking it to 1.8, while it works stable if limited lower. Perhaps speed can be achieved, but not with current DVFS/thermal settings. Since instability is only rasing spam & more questions and since "you" don't care to help us moderating forum, such experiment is out of the question.


Perhaps we rather wait that 1.8Ghz become stable.


In general: in case you want some changes to the code, prepare a patch https://github.com/armbian/build It will be accepted or denied - in this case.

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