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[Moderation] "TV Boxes" Sub-forum

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31 minutes ago, TRS-80 said:

Maybe by creating this sort of super Developer friendly environment, you attract more Developers. IS the trade-off worth it? I don't know.

In the TV boxes section, it is quite calm and there is enough of the standard option. If the user has the first message on the forum, all messages are put in the moderation queue. If there is at least one approved message, the user can write directly to existing topics. If I see that his messages are spam or violate the rules, I delete them. As far as I understand, for those who have few messages (3-5- ?)- creating a new theme is put in the moderation queue. So far, there have been no problems. I read all messages in the " my " section and can see where there are hidden ads and delete such messages. If you have any suggestions or comments about my work, I am ready to listen to them. :)

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4 minutes ago, Vanitarium said:

Agreed. There a few more like this one and they should be deleted asap

Let's list that would be consistently (taking into account the opinion of a few moderators\developers) to check their compliance.

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I already went overboard in there once, causing a great kerfuffle. :D So I will wait and see what others say.


After that drama yesterday. I was told the TV Boxes forum are "lightly moderated."


So if we are adding to that "light" list:

  • removing Android OS (not Armbian) discussions

then that will be news fore me. But I will await consensus.


It seems that we are in the process of clarifying some long standing "unwritten" rules/guidelines and getting them written down now, for easier calibration of new current (and future) Mods.

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