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E Dos Santos Ganeto

Does existe a Flow Fon F1 Allwinner H6 compatible Linux?

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I am not sure about that specific hardware, but check the pinned topics in this very sub-forum. Probably one of @balbes150 images, he is the main one making these images for TV Boxes. I am not expert in this area but this one seems to have the most activity recently.


If you do get it running, there is another thread where you can report back your results and what you had to do to get it working, etc., so make sure you do that if and when you do (get it working).


Welcome to the forums and good luck.

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9 minutes ago, E Dos Santos Ganeto said:

Does anyone know how to do it?


Dowload Balbes image 

Adjust the uEnv.txt file to point to one of the AW H6 boxes and see what works.

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