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Help Flagging Spam, Offtopic, etc.

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Recently we been finding some very clever spammers who register, make some post(s) that sound at least somewhat on topic, and then come back days or even weeks (!) later and edit them in order to insert spam links. Some examples:




Some times they put them alongside otherwise legitimate links:




Other times, they sneak them into quotes or lists, etc.:




Now, above examples have red background from being deleted (which is not how they will look to you normally) but you get the point.


There is no way for us currently to detect this kind of spamming, without enacting draconian measures of moderation, which we are certainly not going to do. So instead we ask for your help. The only way to really find these is to happen upon them while browsing the forum. If you see one, please click on the little flag at the bottom and a Moderator will take care of it. It only takes 2 seconds, and you can help out in keeping the forums a nice and useful place. :)


I also want to mention that something does not have to be Spam, or otherwise "bad" for you to Flag it. Anything that you feel deserves Moderator attention, such as off topic, or a diverging thread that needs to be split up into 2 or more separate topics, etc. can be Flagged.


Any forum Member can do this, it requires no special permissions whatsoever.


Thanks for your help! :)


Note: This post is geared toward every Member / user of the forums. The corresponding post geared more toward Moderators about how to deal with these kind of posts (once Flagged) can now be found here.


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