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Major forums update


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Invision Community version has been bumped to 4.5.3

Everything is still pretty rough, both at the frontend as well as the backend. Might probably take a few days until everything is in good shape.

The good news is that for the most part the forums are usable :)

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Prefixes as we knew them a few days ago are gone. The extension which provided those might got abandoned by the author.

Anyway I'll try to do the best of the situation and refactor this stuff.

Forums which only had a "solved" prefix before will now get the option for moderators and topic author to mark a specific post as solution which also will mark the entire topic as solved. You can check this topic to get an example how this works: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/15333-what-should-be-in-my-gnupg-directory/


For other forums there will be a few additional clicks needed to get a tag being used as prefix:



I just started to rework the forums so stay tuned if it does not work out for your specific forum you are currently enjoying yet ;)


Edit: Done so far.

Edited by Werner
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