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research physical nand damage or wrong firmware on Q+ h6

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Good morning all, maybe someone could enlight me
I own this box who internal board is a Q+ h6 version 3.0 . Despite of what is claimed ( 4 giga ram ) really the board is 2 giga ram.
But the biggest problem is that the board is stick on Q logo and doesn't go further
I have access to uart and when I try to flash new firmware, DOESN'T MATTER if I use phoenixsuite or the sd I have got this message:

[18.838]nand not support! channel 0 chip 0: 2c 84 64 3c a9 04 00 00
[18.843]nand not support! channel 0 chip 1: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
[18.849]nand not support! channel 0 chip 2: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
[18.855]nand not support! channel 0 chip 3: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
[18.861] no nand found !
[18.863]nand_physic_init nand_build_nsi error
[18.867]nand_physic_init error -1
[18.870]NB1 : nand phy init fail
[18.873]NB1 : enter phy Exit
[18.878]NAND_UbootProbe end: 0xffffffff
[18.881]try nand fail
[18.883]try spinor fail
[18.885]flash init end
initcall sequence 5ee50300 failed at call 4a00f9dc
### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###

well is clear that programming doesn't occur due failure on nand . But i would try to understand if I own the wrong firmware or effectively the internal nand is damaged
So I flashed a SD with latest armbian


and the board boots and run PERFECTLY. But I don't see the internal nand yet may be this armbian version doesn't support nand
Please could you point me to right armbian version, if exist   that can support internal NAND ?

At least id I recognize the internal storage could have some e2fsck or doing other analysis

ty in advance

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good morning  @balbes150
ty for kind answer

nothing regarding NAND, only  mmcblk0 that is SD , neither lsblk does show any nand
simply internal nand not being recognized

may be is lacking support for nand and should I use a older kernel ?

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@martinayotte ty for replaying

Yes I guessed something like that, also on rockchip ( on those boards I have much much experience than allwinner, this is my first approach here ) there is no support for nand on mainline

would you be so kind to point me , if you know , to any armbian version with legacy kernel of course that could support internal nand of those Q6 h+ (h6 processor) ?

and if you know, is there a way to reboot in recovery to try a deep wipe of /data ( i know for sure nand isn't completely corrupted since it boots to some point) 

The canonical method of pushing the button while powering on leads to nowhere

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3 minutes ago, fabiobassa said:

any armbian version with legacy kernel

Armbian doesn't have any Legacy kernel for H6.

NAND chips are kind of obsolete, which is why Mainline kernels don't support those.

Modern boards are now using eMMC...

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Well I know nand is obsolete but you know how technician people are , now I want I understand and go deeper in this knowledge trying to relive the board just I should search for already compiled image without going trhought the whole process.

Hope armian had also a " legacy" approach 


Ty anyway 

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