Banana Pi - unable to boot from USB SSD

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I am successfully using Armbian Current on my Banana Pi.

I have a 120GB usb SSD drive.

I'd like to boot from it - my other Banana Pi with the same system boots from SATA connected HDD no problem.

When I boot the device, I can see the drive using sudo fdisk -l as /dev/sda1

I can also get the UUID and everything.


I've modified the /boot/armbianEnv.txt file and changed the UUID, but I can't get the machine to boot.

I tried also to change the UUID to /dev/sda1.

Didn't help either.


When I boot with HDMI connected, I can see the kernel iterating through USB bus and the result is "no USB storage device found" and that's it.

Even when I modify the armbianEnv.txt back and boot with HDMI, I can see the same message - however, when the system boots, I can see the drive and the corresponding device, too.


Any idea what I do wrong?

Thanks for any guidance.


Just a small note - the USB drive has sufficient power as it has "dual" cable - one for power, one for data. It even works when plugged to the USB OTG connector thanks to the external power supply.

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I tried not to use the tool as it gives a big warning about erasing whole drive.

I wanted to keep the data, so I did manual rsync of the rootfs onto the drive and modified the steps accordingly.

However, now I did erase the drive and used the script, but the result is exactly the same.


Not sure how can I obtain the logs as the network is not connected and I cannot copy&paste from the device. Don't have serial adapter at hand right now :(

At least I've made a screen snapshot, not sure if it helps, though...


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