Have images for Rock Pi 4 been tested lately?

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Neither versions (Bionic or Buster) imgs available on this site boot up on my Rock Pi 4 board. I've had it for a week.


It does with Debian which reports excellent power and it also boots Android 9.


Yes I've tried many thoroughly tested SDs.


If you haven't personally tried booting these images as they are on your newer Rock Pi 4 board please don't respond to this message.



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On 5/7/2020 at 1:40 PM, Igor said:


No need to provide anything. It is most likely a classical problem with SPI bootloader which workaround is written on the download pages. I highly suspect this note:

“How to solve boot troubles with SPI enabled boards? 1 (variant 2)”
was not noticed here https://www.armbian.com/rock-pi-4/ 

yes, this can slove problem, but armbian start up  very slow , i try armbian buster 5.4.28 on rockpi4a (1g ram)  using SD card , it needs 2 mintues, so ....... what can i do ????

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i tried stop bluetooth.service, yes start up is fast

i try  latest nightly images , it is ok, thanks everyone, armbian is a great job


@Igor interesting thing: when i  erase SPI boot loader, board can't boot up, so i update SPI flash with bootloader , the latest images works fine, so ...........


next question:   how to rotate screen ? now i just know xrandr, it is not efficient method.

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