Armbian-config uninstalls network-manager?

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Strange problem with armbian-config/softy/OMV
But something similar has happened to me also with a simple update from armbian-config


Steps to reproduce:
1. clean install of Armbian_20.02.1_Orangepi3_buster_current_5.4.20 using uart-ttl usb adapter as interface
2. I configure the network by wifi
3. apt update && apt upgrade -y
4. after the terminal update everything is still perfect and I can connect to ssh with WIFI and launch armbian-config
5. armbian-config/software/softy/OMV -> Install


After a coffee or two, I go back and find that the ssh connection has been closed and I can't connect.


Notes: Entering with minicom by uart-ttl and I discover that wlan0 has disappeared, but also the command nmtui and launching it, the system tells me that network-manager must be installed ...

I have re-tested this bug 3 times, even marking the network-manager package as "manual" with

sudo apt-mark manual network-manager

But nothing has worked.
Something similar has happened to me on another server (OrangePi PC2) ... when updating with armbian-config the network-manager package has also disappeared there.
So I think the problem is generated by armbian-config and not by the softy program.

I suggest you to test the network manager's .deb and its dependencies before downloading and then recover the installation with "dpkg -i * .deb"

 mkdir network-manager


mkdir network-manager

cd network-manager

sudo apt-get download network-manager 

for i in $(apt-cache depends network-manager | grep -E 'Depends|Recommends|Suggests' | cut -d ':' -f 2,3 | sed -e s/'<'/''/ -e s/'>'/''/); do sudo apt-get download $i 2>>errors.txt; done


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I believe it has more to do with OMV taking over network control.. may want to check OMV forums for tips.   Most don't use WIFI with OMV, so it's understandable this edge case has come up.  Others may have some ideas.

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without network-manager eth0 can't up and works....

I'm using the wifi only in order to setup OMV, bul then the connection will be with ethernet.

For the moment i'm installed ONV and reinstalled half system in order to have back the networking capacity of debian.... but this is a workaround.

I'm thinking to remove armbian-config package, for the moment, waiting the fix. I have 6 server running far of my house.

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