Orange Pi Zero does not start


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Hello there,

I am trying to (first) boot an Orange Pi Zero (H2+, 512MB ram, v1.5) that I received a long time ago but can't get it to start.
There are no LEDs turned on, not on the ethernet port nor on the other side (but afaik the latter is software controlled so this does not worry me).


Here is what I tried: multiple attempts with Armbian Buster (Armbian_20.05.3_Orangepizero_buster_current_5.4.45.img) burnt with BalenaEtcher, multiple microSD cards, different power supplies (via microUSB and GPIO).

Unfortunately, nothing shows up on the serial connection, and 0 amps are drained when 5V is sent to the board.


I have little experience with Orange Pis and I have usually found my way around, the microSD cards and PSUs were also tested working on an Orange Pi PC and another Orange Pi Zero (H2+, 256MB ram, v1.4)...


Can someone help me? Is my board dead? :(


Thank you for your help!

Board: Orangepi Zero
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