Unable to comment on Armbian forum using Firefox RK3399

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Unable to comment with Firefox on RK3399 in the Armbian forum. See image.

Since Chromium isn't working right with Google account I've been using Firefox instead on the M4V2. For a few days I'm unable to comment on the Armbian forum itself with it.  
In Chromium this works (since I'm commenting with Chromium now) 


Also have an issue with Facebook not always loading fully in Firefox, don't know if it's related. 
Just saying so it's known. Cheers.

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seems fixed
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4 hours ago, lanefu said:

have you been able to repeat the issue with Firefox on any other devices/platforms?

No, not using any other device with Armbian for the moment. With pc it works correct.
I'll try later with something else.

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3 hours ago, Igor said:

Did you try with different theme?

No I haven't. But it seems fixed now. Don't know why or how.
Before I had tried clicking everything that was there and couldn't get a textbox to write in. Couldn't do anything.
Now the textbox is immediately there again. So no worry about that I guess. I'll let you know if I can reproduce it again.

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