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Banana Pi P2 Zero NAND Installation support


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M2 Zero firmware, can running to P2 Zero platform.

But he can't detect NAND.

root@dispatch:~# lsblk
mmcblk0     179:0    0  14.9G  0 disk
└─mmcblk0p1 179:1    0  14.7G  0 part /
zram0       254:0    0    50M  0 disk /var/log
zram1       254:1    0 246.3M  0 disk [SWAP]


Onboard flash: 8G eMMC (Reference: http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-P2_Zero)

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Well what do you need to support it exactly ? It's weird because they is already work on this http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/banana-pi-bpi-m2-zero-new-image-ubuntu-19-10-eoan-ermine-kernel-5-3-5/10019/48


And apparently Sinovoip Banana Pi M2+ works with EMMC. So wer just need to copy the same overlays no?

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5 hours ago, Adrian Shajkofci said:

Well what do you need to support it exactly ?



Technically this board is just another H2/H3 and they are similar. But more boards means more wasted time. This means we spent less time with our family and we receive absolutely no compensation for wasting time dealing with inpatient and dare to demand users ...


Which means current people have no interest to expand the support base. Its up to you.



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I already have BPI-P2-Zero device tree and kernel config ready. At least for board revision 1.1. The version 1.0 has some hardware issues and differences. My current test image is based on Yocto/OpenEmbedded. I plan to send DT upstream and then I want look how to build Armbian for this board.

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I returned to this project after some time. If there are people still interested in this small POE capable board, I have created a repository with armbian userpatches and build instructions. There is also binary firmware (built from current main - 23.11) available for download on the release page.




If you find some bugs, you can file an issue on github.


I've also sent device tree patches upstream again.

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