ESXi Arm Edition on Orange Pi

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

If this a software that can be installed on top of an existing (Debian-like) OS then it should be possible.

There is some kind a ARM ISO for download. If this is an image which is to be written to an sd card then it will most likely not work since every SBC is different and you cannot simply put a generic image into it like you can on your home computer.

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1 hour ago, Marthinius said:

Is it possible to run ESXi-Arm Fling on OrangePI

No idea why would you want to run that on Opi Zero since 8GB Rpi is by them tagged as Far Edge :) following by:
If you will be installing the ESXi-Arm on the Raspberry Pi 4B, we HIGHLY recommend the 8GB version. While 4GB is sufficient to boot, there's not much room left to run a VM. Swing for the 8GB if you can.


IMO its just another way to make some cheap advertisement without any real value.

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1 hour ago, Marthinius said:

I was just wondering if it is possible to run virtualization on hardware other than just the raspberry pi.

Raspberry Pi is a propriatery video player by design. Outside that areas is sometimes questionable, sometimes stupid to run on. But popularity and populism are running this world. And since Rpi, attaching anything to it is everyday sales practice. (r)Pi sale. Advertisment in that context and the one that their (paid) software can run on ARM hardware, in reality just on those in the high-end section.

Is bulky fancy paid software usable on Rpi? IMO not at all, but you probably could boot it up and people will try / talk about, advertise this concept free of charge. Is it usable on some RK3399? Probably not very well for the same reason due to lack of memory. Good points of running it elswhere is storage. Rpi only has USB, which is no go for anything more serious, while RK3399 has 4line PCI storage which is way way better and fast almost on the level of Rpi4 memory. Will it run on Orangepi H6 with 1Gb of memory. Certainly not. But you can run the one mentioned by @Werner Memory is not a problem.

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