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Helios 64 General usage help : Front panel & Swapping drives

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Hello My Helios64 arrived two weeks ago, after a loooong trip through the Silk Road all the way down to South Europe. First thing I want to give a GREAT THANK YOU to the people at kobol shop support, as they have helped me with my transport/forwarded/ carrier nightmare loop: the address is in Chinese-no address specified-contact the sender-won’t give you your parcel-please call again- no address specified....


So. After reading a good slice of the wiki I couldn’t find a comprehensive manual/article about the simplest usage of the front panel. Glad if you can point me to such information.

The principal source of confusion for me are the comments section of the kernel 4.4/5 versions, where there are some mentions about power on/off problems.

The questions I have right now are:

What does each light mean? I’ve read blue means ok, red means problem, in reddit they have pointed out that the System blue light blinking is normal.

How does the power on/off button behave ?

I’m confused about the PSU/stand by/ WOL/on states, can I damage the OS with a long press?

Does a short press wake up the system if WOL is not configured?

The reset button : is it equivalent to a software reboot?

What is the procedure to hot-swap drives? Does it need some panel button pressing? Is it done via software?

Thank you for your help.

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