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Which component receives focus initially at Armbian Desktop ?


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I installed Focal  Armbian ( Desktop version ) at my tvbox and everything is so far so good .


Only a small issue hassles me : after the desktop launches ,  I had to use the mouse to click the desktop so that it can receive focus . Only after that ,  can I use the arrow keys to move the focus between icons.


If I press the arrow keys  just after desktop launches , nothing happens ---- obviously , sth. steals the focus .  Is it a normal behavior  as expected ? May I config sth. to avoid using mouse to retrieve the focus to desktop ? Thankyou for your attention :)

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8 minutes ago, hanguofu said:

at my tvbox

TV boxes Armbian is a private fork we are not familiar with and we don't support. Even more determined areas and more quality hardware such as single board computers is extremely hard to support. 

Moving to TV boxes forum.

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