Enable i2c at u-boot stage on Lamobo-R1


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I need to use the i2c in the u-boot stage.

I've added a patch that enables this i2c bus in the device-tree,

and when I run this command (just for example): sudo i2cset -y 2 0x1b 0x1 0xf

AFTER the boot stage it seem to work.

However when I try this command IN THE boot stage, I get: Unknown command 'i2cset' - try 'help'.

1. I guess I'm trying to use 'i2cset' in a too early stage - any idea how to control the i2c in the u-boot stage or how to make 'i2cset' available at the u-boot stage ?

2. Since 'i2cset' doesn't work in the u-boot stage, I don't know if the i2c is enabled at this stage (I know it's enabled after boot) - how can I check it ?




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