Roon server on NanoPiM4 V2

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2 hours ago, pkfox said:

I haven't received any replies I guess this is the wrong place to post


Some people go months, years before receiving a reply.


Have you tried just installing the software?  I only have basic understanding about what Roon is (music server / client) however it should be straightforward, no?  Did you run into some particular problem?  I would suspect any problems are likely more related to Roon itself (which is userspace program) than anything Armbian related (which deal more with low level, hardware, and base OS stuff).  Therefore you might have better luck (more specific knowledge) over on their forums.


10 hours ago, pkfox said:

it would be good to see others experiences and possible Howtos


Yes, that is always good.  If you cannot find any, maybe take good notes, so you can come back and write one.  ;)  :thumbup:

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