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Hello everyone, and first of all a big THANK YOU @ balbes150 ..!
I have an MX10 that I only want to use to set up a NextCloud server.
I can boot from my SD card that I flashed Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_bullseye_current_5.7.8_desktop.img.xz with rk3328-box.dtb ( maybe i need use rk3328-evb.dtb ?? )

But I can't install NextCloud Server.. :(

Can you tell me if what I want to do is achievable ?
What would be the best img to set up Nextcloud server among bionic, bulleyes, focal, ...? ( first I try focal img but same issue can't install nextcloud server )
Would it be possible to build an img for RK3328 that is only dedicated to setting up a NextCloud Server? ( NextCloudPi OS ? )
Thank you in advance for your answers.. :thumbup:



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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

1 час назад, MX10.AC2N сказал:

with rk3328-box.dtb ( maybe i need use rk3328-evb.dtb ?? )

This is the correct dtb.


1 час назад, MX10.AC2N сказал:

What would be the best img to set up Nextcloud server among bionic, bulleyes, focal, ...?

I don't use this software and have no idea what it requires.

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thank you @balbes150 and sorry new user on this forum I can only post one message per day ..
Thank you for confirming the .dtb version to use.
There is a version of NextCloudPi for Rock64 which also uses the RK3328, as NextCloudPi is based on an Armbian I was wondering if there was a way to fit that into the image you built for RK3328 ..
Otherwise do you think that since it works with a Rock64 isn't it also possible to run it on an MX10 which has the same technical characteristics ?

Thank again..

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@MX10.AC2N I think you are approaching your issue from the wrong perspective.  As balbes already mentioned he "doesn't use this software and has no idea what it requires'.  So essentially asking the same question in a different way isn't likely to get a different answer.


You need to understand that the armbian project is about getting the mainline linux (debian and ubuntu distributions) to run on arm SBCs (and luckily that often works on TV boes as well).  Information and support of the thousands of software programs that can then run on debian or ubuntu isn't something that armbian is about.


NextCloud is a software product and you want to run that program on your armbian based TV box, which is great, but you should be looking for support from the NextCloud community for support of their product.


You mention in your posts NextCloudPI.  I'm not sure why you are going down that particular path.  You should be able to just install NextCloud following their instructions for your chosen distribution (debian or ubuntu).  I have been running nextcloud on one of my amlogic s905w based TX3 mini boxes for over a year using the snap version for my ubuntu bionic install.  It was easy to install, it automatically updates itself and I haven't had to think about it in a long time.  That is exactly what you want from a server based software program.  Now if you ask me what i did over a year ago to get it installed, I will have no recollection, but I just followed the readily available instructions available from nextcloud to get it done - didn't need to post anything to armbian forums to install a generic software product.

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Hello, and Thank you @SteeMan indeed I didn't take the good way .. Thank you for your clarification ..
Thanks to your message, I changed my approach and I succeeded starting from  Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_buster_current_5.7.8.img  from @balbes150
and using the snap installations, successfully set up NextCloud on my MX10 (RK3328) ver: 1.0, with LAN access and also WAN via LetsEncrypt and domain name .. I was super delighted ..
But after restarting the box, no more access possible, my setting to have a fixed IP could no longer be used because the box has a different MAC address at each start.
I did some research but it seems that with this Box my problem cannot be solved, I opened the box to check the WifiChip SV6051 P and I could therefore see that it was really not good implemented and especially no longer used since kernel 4.4.
Anyway, I think I'm stuck once again, maybe some of you can advise me on an .img which will allow me to keep the mac address on my TVBOX MX10 marked on the MXQ-RK3328-D4_A motherboard ver: 1.0 Date: 20170713

but I know that this box is not the most suitable for Armbian, however the balbes build works very well, connected by wire, I only have this problem of Wifi which does not work at all and unfortunately this misery with the MAC address which changes at each startup ... Nothing too dramatic in itself but a use of Nextcloud limited to my local network...:(

Thank you all for this superb sharing.
Have a good day..

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