Cubietruck network relay slowing down

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Hi Armbians ;)


I am running mulitiple TOR network relays on Cubietruck boards (Cubieboard 3)  in different Datacenters with synchronous 100 MBit/s internet connection each board (by ethernet plug) for 1- 1,5 years now. 

At the beginning each board could handle 25 MBit/s incomming and outgoing traffic the same time easy and 24/7.

The boards are running the latest Armbian build with kernel headers installed and full firmware package.


But now, as you can see here, my Cubietrucks are getting slower after time, with the network traffic they can handle via eth0:

They have been kept up to date and are rebootet and the system cleaned once a week.


So whats the problem? SD card getting old and dieing?


Is there a way to speed them up again and (even better) tune the throughput without risking stability?


Please help :)

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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

17 hours ago, zahiir said:

the latest Armbian build with kernel headers installed and full firmware package.

According to your logs, not really:

It's not very well tested upgrade path - if you are coming from some old build, a clean install is recommended.


But that solo doesn't explain this odd behaviour. I am having one Cubietruck in the quality assurance lab and it performs within expectations, #28


Perhaps firewall rules are responsible for speed downgrade? They eat CPU and if there is a lot on CPU, network speed goes down. Allwinner A20 is not very powerful device.

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Hmm, I would wonder if the firewall is the problem. I only set 6 single IPv4 port rules via UFW.  I have CT boards running with 15-20 IPv4 port rules plus the same in IPv6 rules that do not have this issue.

The issue also does not affect all boards, just about 1/3 of them. The others are doing their job as allways!


But the CPU could be a point to look at.  I also addet a 2048MB SWAP partition with  dphys-swapfile and set these parameters in systctl.conf for it:

vm.swappiness=10 vm.vfs_cache_pressure=50

Maybe this could be a possible point to find the bug. 


I will try your fix above today and upgrade the system and kernel. Thanks for that!

A fresh OS install would be the best choise, of course. But this may be a time consuming process to completely  setup more then 20 relays from zero again. ;)

I will try the above fix first...

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  • Solution

After setting the parameter „vm.swappiness=0“ and deleting any not absolutely necessary UFW parameter (also the IPv6 ones) I set the network connection parameters again in „armbian-config“. 

Now the traffic, passing my relays, seems to go back to a normal value again. So I would say this problem is solved! 

Thanks a lot! :)

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