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Jetson Nano



Good news.  :)

Thanks to the work of many, there is now a real opportunity to run the Armbian system with the main core on Jetson Nano, and more importantly, it is easy to integrate the image build process into the official GIT Armbian. In the near future, I plan to post ready-made images with the latest kernel 5.10.22 on the download site. To run them, you need to update u-boot to Jetson Nano. This is very easy to do, just run the latest official version of Ubuntu for Jetson Nano from the SD card, it will update itself in SPI (?) u-boot to the latest version (2020.04), after that you can run Armbian from any SD card or USB media. The new u-boot supports automatic system startup from both media or over the network. Also, now you can build an Armbian image for Jetson Nano yourself, easily build the latest kernel with the necessary options, etc.  








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22.01.2023 в 16:52, Nurb432 сказал:

And again, my limited knowledge of how these things work, it sounds like just a partition table issue for me to sort out, and things like the device tree/etc are already good enough?

Replace the DTB name in /boot//grub/grub.cfg with your model (I do not know which one is needed), you can try all the names in a row from the /dtb/nvidia directory. But if you use the wrong DTB, there is a chance of damage (if incorrect supply voltage values are set there).

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When discussing a problem make sure to provide full logs!

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On 1/13/2023 at 12:48 PM, balbes150 said:

Please check the launch of the latest versions 20230112-current (6.1.4) and 20230112-edge (6.2-rc3) on jetson Nano. I am interested in the general launch of the system from an SD card or USB flash drive.


Tried running 6.1.8 EDGE on Jetson Nano. The O/S boots however dmesg is throwing errors and pwm-fan not available.


6.0.19 CURRENT is working fine.







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