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LUKS password entry not displayed on Pinebook Pro Focal


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Hi all,


I have a working Pinebook Pro Focal build with LUKS encryption enabled.

The only issue I have is that when booting no progress or password prompt is displayed. As soon as I enter the password and hit enter I see the boot logo or console output depending on what is set in armbianEnv.txt.


I will be continuing my research and learning about the boot process in general but wanted to check in here to see if people had any obvious pointers to share or whether maybe this is a known limitation that is going to be hard to resolve.






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If you're doing a LUKS unlock via cryptsetup, it's done inside of the initramfs (or initrd). The text of that is sent to the Linux console.


It's before SystemD starts and initializes all consoles listed as kernel arguments. So IIRC, it's only the last one specified that takes effect at that point in boot. So if you want it on the main display, you may have to append a "console=/dev/tty0" kernel argument in your boot options.


Once SystemD takes over all specified consoles become active, but the kernel only will use the last one specified for that part of the boot process.


Or maybe first one? Sometimes my brain's mashed potatoes. Experiment a bit? I've not looked through the current Armbian + LUKS instructions.



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Yeah I have been using console=display in armbianEnv.txt which translates to console=/dev/tty1 which I believe is what is required.


I've also been trying to replicate a working setup based on the Manjaro + LUKS discussion on the Pine64 forums here:



I updated the initrd image to include the kernel modules seen in the Manjaro installer patch from that thread but still no dice. I need to look more closely to see if there's anything else from there I'm missing as would naively expect the same approach to be reproducible here.

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