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What is correct airflow direction for Helios64?



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That certainly could be added. I think the assumption was that as long as people were following the directions it would be fine. Otherwise, since the rule is that air exhausts on the side of the fan with the motor, it's clear from the picture that air would be pushed out the back of the case.

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20 hours ago, iav said:

I see that picture, but not see there airflow direction.

Possible this mark should be more clear or bright.

Is it so hard to just text something "air should go inside" or draw an arrow?


Hi! I'm not sure what you mean by "air should go inside"... If you follow the pictures carefully (and you observe the fans blades orientation) you'll notice that fans are mounted in such a way that they pull air outside through the case back panel. Which is what you should expect typically anyway. Fresh air comes inside through the front grill, flows through disks and the Helios64 SBC board and then is pulled out by the fans. But yes, I agree that ideally and to avoid any possible misinterpretation some arrows/text should be included to indicate the proper airflow direction.

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