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  1. Try kernel 5.10.16, that seems to fix most of the stability issues for me compared to 5.10.12.
  2. My system is on a microSD card as armbian-config never managed to configure the eMMC correctly (never took the time to debug the issue unfortunately). My system did crash at some point while I was at work today but no logs have a trace of the crash. System just froze, solid blue 'System' LED. I'll probably downgrade to an earlier kernel...
  3. SOLVED!!! Of course this was due to armbianEnv.txt being corrupt. Restoring the file from backups allows the device to boot cleanly again.
  4. Just applied the latest update to my Helios64, here is what apt reported: The following packages will be upgraded: armbian-config armbian-firmware base-files device-tree-compiler file iproute2 libcairo2 libgnutls30 libgnutls30:armhf libmagic-mgc libmagic1 libnss-myhostname libpam-systemd libsystemd0 libudev1 linux-buster-root-current-helios64 linux-dtb-current-rockchip64 linux-image-current-rockchip64 linux-u-boot-helios64-current systemd systemd-sysv udev unzip This went just fine until it tried to setup systemd, the Helios then lost all network connection: Tr
  5. No, don't need to perform fix if you're only ever going to use the 1Gbps interface AFAIK.
  6. I've been running into the same issue for about a week or two, haven't had the time to dig into it though. armbian-config says the "Boot from eMMC - System on eMMC" step went fine but device won't boot after that. Haven't hooked a serial cable to it to see where it fails.
  7. From the wiki: Source:
  8. I think the idea is great, the implementation might be a challenge. I'd say: leave it to up to someone else as even if Armbian Staff isn't involved, potential issues might reflect bad on the Armbian project, especially coming from If the interest was really that high, there would already be a dedicated subreddit full of people selling SBCs. (/r/homelabsales might count)
  9. From the wiki: Source:
  10. I've been running OMV on my Helios64 ever since it's been delivered, without issue (even on the older, buggy kernels). Could you share your logs (in a spoiler then code block works fine) or on a Pastebin-like service?
  11. I'd be delighted if the Helios64 gets hardware encoding/decoding as it would greatly increase perfomance when running Plex (or any media streaming service). I'll be following this thread closely and will be available for any testing or debugging.
  12. This is actually really smart. @gprovost could something along these lines be added to the default setup?
  13. I haven't done any particular testing of 20.11 but I've been running it since Wednesday 10:30AM (UTC+2) without any issues.
  14. 5.8.x had been running fine on my device for about 9 and a half days then randomly crashed. No logs seem to have survived the crash so this is going to be nearly impossible to debug.
  15. I'm also running kernel 5.8.17-rockchip64 and haven't encountered any such issues. Did you start out on 5.8.17 or did you upgrade from previous versions? Earlier versions of the kernel has severe stability issues and in such cases (had this happen to me as well) a clean install of the system helped.