Armbian for Amlogic S805

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There are several multi-boot options. The old version allows you to run the LE from the SD card, but this option multiboot not able to run or anything else, this version of the multi-boot can only run LE. To start Armbian you need to activate version of the universal multi-boot (files for its activation are part of the image Armbian, you can use the toothpick to upgrade multi-boot with the new version).

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Formated the SD card to FAT
Downloaded two of the file aml_autoscript and
Copied these two files on microsd card 1GB
Insert card into TV box (mxq with red line no bluetooth)
Started Update&backup app and selected
Pressed update, Box restarted and go back to android.?Simply Nothing.

When I start  MXQ box in recovery selected then I got error:
Finding update package
Opening update package
verifyng update package
footer is wrong
signature verification failed
Installation aborted.

aml_autoscript and extracted from 



I have now samsung tv full hd.

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According to this description.



Pressed update, Box restarted and go back to android.



Multiboot you have activated.

Write the image to SD card. Add to the root of the first partition (FAT) right the file "dtb.img". On the media there is a directory dtb, here You can find a working version of the dtb file, copy it and rename it.

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Ok so here's my exact steps - I still think I am missing a step


This is for Balbes150 latest armbian release for the MXQ S805


Write image to SD card using Win32disk


Open SD card and drop DTB file from the DTB folders provided, onto root of SD card, rename dtb files 'meson8b-hd180.dtb' to dtb.img'


Place SD card into MXQ and toothpick to start the initial boot


Nothing happens 'waited 5-10 mins' also tried various other DTB files that are available


Any input would be greatly received :)


Many thanks for your hard work on this

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