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Luca PIrola

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Help Armbian team helping you

Not sure if anyone is reading this area anymore but I want to install Armbian onto my H96+ TV set box. I took the green pcb out of the case and can install either a SD card or a USB flash drive with the current version of Armbian I found "Armbian_22.08.0_Aml_s912_jammy_5.15.61_server_2022.08.20.img" but am unsure what to do next. Sorry for the handhold but would appreciate a pointer or two for the next steps. I think I need to update the DTB and some other things. The optimal idea for me right now would be to house Armbian on the SD card and have the unit boot to the SD card as a default case. I have no interest in using Android and could erase the emmc and place Armbian there if I had a decent understanding of the steps needed to do it. Thank you.

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