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X96 Max 4g (S905x2) with armbian + usb 4 bay hdd enclosure as NAS


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Hey Everbody,

as the title suggests, im considering adding an external HDD enclosure to my S905x2 box running armbian to use it as a budget NAS.
I was considering using Openmedia Vault + 4 Bays Raid 5 via USB 3.0.

Is there anything in principle that would speak against this?

Another question i have: would i need to use an external enclosure with a built in raid controller or can i use any external enclosure and setup the raid via software control (in armbian)??

Also i am not sure if i should go for a cheaper non-brand or maybe something like a QNAP TR-004 that i could (re)use with a real qnap NAS at some point in the future.

Anybody here who has experience with such a setup?

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.



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Ok for now i put this endeavour on hold because i could not find a proper USB Raid Enclosure that also features "Online Raid-Level Migration" so that i could start out with 1 HDD and expand gradually until i got 4xHDD in RAID 5 without having to clear or move data, everytime i want to attach another HDD. And having to buy 4 NAS HDDs at once kind of defeats the purpose of a "budget NAS", so if anyone knows a USB RAID enclosure where i can expand and migrate the raid-level on the fly please let me know since i allready got OMV running on my ATV box now...

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