Can't show hebrew fonts on bash - shows question marks instead


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Hi All,

I have successfully installed a brand new armbian on my H616 OrangePiZero2 Board.

I have installed docker and have several containers running on it.

one of the dockers need to scan a cifs drive that contains Hebrew characters and it fails on scanning - not retrieving all the files.

I have tested the same on a raspberry pi running Ubuntu18.04 and it works great and retrieved all the files without any issues

on armbian it was ~300 files and ubuntu ~900 files.
The name of the files can not be changed since they are used out side of the docker. basically files are been saved in Hebrew on the cifs mount all the time.


I have done an ls -lah to the mnt and all the files that are in Hebrew shown with question marks '??????????'

I have google this and I tried installing locale for Hebrew but it did not fix it.


I would be happy to have that work for me on my armbian.

would be happy if i can get help from the pros 


Please assist

Thank You!



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Armbian is a community driven open source project. Do you like to contribute your code?

Hi @Werner

What logs should I be providing?

In example this is a block from task for scheduling in school we have to automate in the scan of which give result with '?'

'School Tasks - ?? ???????'
'School Tasks - ???? ?? ????? - ???? ???? ????? ?? ????? ????'
'School Tasks - ?????'
'School Tasks - ????? ????'
'School Tasks - ??????? ???????-1'
'School Tasks - ??????? ???????-2'
'School Tasks - ??????? ???????-3'
'School Tasks - ??????? ???????-4'
'School Tasks - ??????? ???????-5'

Everything in Hebrew is shown as '???????'


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