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Armbian developers meeting 1/18/2023


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Event -> Video (with transcripts and comments)


1. Merging NEXT (Jira tickets)


- many small fixes

- windows build support (WSL2)

- small machine support (smarter dependency handling)

- better patch logging and logs in general

- people contributing


Focus on:

- CI, aggregation, rootfs cache ( @Igor @rpardini)

- testing, testing, testing (anyone)


2. Providing stable builds for main TV box image?


We generally support this idea and builds can be enabled @SteeMan https://github.com/armbian/build/blob/master/config/targets.conf


3. None this week.

Comments on all topics are welcome!


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Since I've no slides, a terrible sense of humor, and nothing else to post, here's a git shortlog of the changes since last week.


Ricardo Pardini <ricardo@pardini.net> (99):
      armbian-next: `CLEAN_LEVEL=make-kernel` now does `git clean -xfd` instead, faster and 100% clean
      armbian-next: better logging for early apt installs during `prepare_host_basic()`
      armbian-oleg: handle error during host deps installation (Oleg has a mangled sources.list?)
      armbian-oleg: introduce `DOCKER_SIMULATE_CLEAN=yes` so I can pretend to be Oleg, but using Docker
      armbian-oleg: split hostdeps again, full of ifs, and reduce the minimum set of pkgs for Oleg-conditions while trying to keep Docker full
      armbian-next: `apt-cacher-ng` is now optional and activated via `MANAGE_ACNG=yes`; drop `NO_APT_CACHER`
      armbian-next: remove old template Dockerfile, -next does not use this at all
      armbian-oleg: `junk`: drastically reduce host-side dependencies / "remove junk"
      armbian-next: curb down wget logging for ORAS tooling download
      armbian-next: curb down `git fetch` logging; be verbose if user on terminal & not logging
      armbian-next: curb `aria2c`'s complaining a bit
      armbian-next: curb `free_loop_device_retried()`'s logging on first try
      armbian-next: long overdue split of `logging.sh`
      armbian-oleg: logging: new logfile format; `SHOW_LOG=yes` default; introduce `DEBUG=yes`
      armbian-next: fix quoting of retry var (cosmetic)
      armbian-oleg: better logs; only include non-empty .log files
      armbian-oleg: curb `apt-get`'s logging with `-q` / `-qq`
      armbian-oleg: curb Python launcher logs
      armbian-oleg: curb `rsync` logging during bsp
      armbian-oleg: drastically curb `update-initramfs` logging, unless SHOW_DEBUG=yes
      armbian-oleg: drastically curb `boot_logo()` logging
      armbian-oleg: drastically curb `apt-get` logging when running in chroot
      armbian-oleg: make `chroot_sdcard_apt_get_install_dry_run()` logging more useful by filtering the noise out
      armbian-oleg: if commands fail, write to log in bright red
      armbian-next: split `compilation/debs.sh`; `compile_xilinx_bootgen()` moved to family
      armbian-oleg: curb logging from building `armbian-firmware`
      armbian-oleg: curb logging from building `armbian-plymouth-theme`; do it in a logging section, like the others
      armbian-next: logging: reinit logging after processing cmdline parameters
      armbian-next: cli: half-assed, legacy based, `kernel` and `u-boot` cli commands
      armbian-next: `odroidxu4` vs kernel: move firmware hack to family using extension hook
      armbian-oleg: logging: drastically curb / make more useful kernel packaging logging
      armbian-oleg: logging: disable debugging (set -x) of generated postinst/etc kernel scripts (board-side, but also chroot logging)
      armbian-next: kernel: deterministic `.config` mtime handling; kernel build logging sections reorg
      armbian-next: remove `REPO_STORAGE` and `REPO_CONFIG` -- unused
      armbian-next: consider "Provided" installed packages when determining what is missing from host-side dependencies
      armbian-next: completely remove `acl` (which provided `getfacl`) and it's usages (basic deps)
      armbian-next: don't copy the host's `keyrings` to image
      armbian-next: Python tooling: use consolidated+hashed+cached pip base/pycache; don't pip during Dockerfile build, nor cli-requirements
      armbian-next: add core extension `c-plus-plus-compiler` which hostdeps on `g++-aarch64-linux-gnu` and enable it in JetHub family
      armbian-next: core extensions for `xfs` / `f2fs` / `brtfs` / `LUKS/cryptroot` hostdeps; enable in main-config
      armbian-next: Docker: abstract away and only run "docker info" once, it's very expensive
      armbian-next: `rootfs`: bunch'o'fixes, introduce `disable_systemd_service_sdcard()` to stop repeating incantantion
      armbian-next: don't warn about using extlinux
      armbian-next: a bunch of checks for Darwin; use brew's GNU coreutils first in PATH, so we get the correct utils; give instructions
      armbian-next: better logging for `kernel_prepare_bare_repo_from_oras_gitball()`; remove dead code
      armbian-next: fix re-launching of CLI commands under sudo (Docker was ok)
      armbian-next: `patching`: don't complain about missing files when the patch parsed OK and file was actually deleted
      armbian-next: `patching`: don't rewrite empty desc as "None"
      armbian-next: `patching`: remove quotes from author name during parsing
      armbian-next: `patching`: avoid mangling valid utf-8 from mbox'es
      armbian-next: `patching`: parse renamed source files, don't swallow them during rewrite
      armbian-next: optimize `config_source_board_file()`, now 600x faster by not reusing (slow) code from interactive
      armbian-next: optimize for `CONFIG_DEFS_ONLY=yes`, skipping stacktraces/git info
      armbian-next: introduce `POOR_MAN_PROFILER=yes` (under `ANSI_COLOR=none`)
      armbian-next: `docker`: fix Dockerfile output indentation & warning msgs about generation
      armbian-next: make sure temporary `kernel` and `u-boot` CLI commands always build a kernel/u-boot even if cached
      `risc-v`: correctly include `debian-ports-archive-keyring` in Risc-V CLI packages
      `risc-v`/`starfive`: use mainline kernel 6.1.y, with StarFive's rebased patches against `v6.1.5`
      `risc-v`/`starfive`: update kernel config, sans changes
      `risc-v`/`starfive`: `CONFIG_MOTORCOMM_PHY=m` for the onboard Ethernet
      `risc-v`/`starfive`: switch kernel config to `savedefconfig`'s output, cos that's what it should be
      `odroidm1`: enable working userland `fw_setenv`, so users can go back to Petitboot & otherwise tweak u-boot env from Armbian
      `odroidm1`: bump to 6.2-rc3; look ma, no patches.
      `odroidhc4`: pre-configure `fancontrol` so fans work right out of the box
      armbian-next: debug note about fstab with tmpfs in chroot
      armbian-next: mark Vagrant CLI as unimplemented
      armbian-next: `docker`: use dash-lines before/after launching docker; set `ARMBIAN_INSIDE_DOCKERFILE_BUILD=yes` when it is so
      armbian-next: `traps`: allow for cleanup handlers with arguments; unify around `run_one_cleanup_handler()`
      armbian-next: `ccache`: show more in ccache debugging
      armbian-next: make superglobals readonly (`DEST/WORKDIR/LOGDIR/SDCARD/MOUNT` and others)
      armbian-next: introduce `tmpfs-utils.sh`; put `LOGDIR` and `WORKDIR` under tmpfs; set `CCACHE_TEMPDIR` under `WORKDIR`
      armbian-next: split `prepare_host()`, fix `.tmp` reset trap
      armbian-next: do basic host checks before config if interactive, or during prepare-host if not
      armbian-next: tmpfs-utils: last-resort debugging, to stderr, of failed tmpfs unmount
      armbian-next: logging: squash nasty leaking file descriptor bug due to "tee"
      armbian-next: bring back `swig` hostdep -- needed for some u-boot's
      armbian-next: severe bug, countdown counted up
      armbian-next: kernel: cleanup bundle after patching succeeded, not after build success
      armbian-next: firmware: don't build `-full` firmware if not on CI/noninteractive and board's not going to use it
      armbian-next: `chroot_sdcard_apt_get_update()` to replace and better log `chroot_sdcard_apt_get update`
      armbian-next: extensions: rename `kernel-localmodconfig` to just `lsmod`
      armbian-next: docker: remove old code
      armbian-next: try harder to get `en_US.UTF-8` logging
      armbian-next: drop dead/duplicated code for bootsplash and mark kernel-drivers.sh (which includes bootsplash) as dead code
      armbian-next: extract `move_images_to_final_destination()` and optimize for fast-move when src/dst on same filesystem
      armbian-next: tune logging: unmounting, u-boot prep/source/install; traps; extensions
      armbian-next: don't leak `.raw` image if failure before move; show rootfs-tmpfs info
      armbian-next: `mktemp` and `tmpfs` related utility functions with automatic cleanup handlers
      armbian-next: small cleanups: squash typos / add function keyword / add types / mark dead code
      armbian-next: small cleanups: squash typos / add function keyword / add types / mark dead code
      armbian-next: add logging with size of actual built rootfs in MiB; debug tmpfs in trap & after pkgs done
      armbian-next: still fighting `tee` leaking under duress, and I think I won
      armbian-next: `compile_firmware()`:  use new temp dir helpers (saves 2Gb+ in WORKDIR), fix typos
      armbian-next: severe bug, there was no prefix-emoji for Windows
      armbian-next: allow shortcut `EXT=` to the overly-long and plural `ENABLE_EXTENSIONS=`
      armbian-next: use retries for downloading ORAS tooling
      WiP: aggregation.py vs create-cache.sh: better hashing, much desktop
      WiP: patching.py vs decent logging: better, but not there yet
      ------------------------ armbian-next END marker -----------------------------

Richard Neese <r.neese@gmail.com> (1):
      `risc-v`: switch from `grub` to `extlinux`; add Debian Ports keyring hostdep to strap Debian riscv64 from ports

Tony <tonymckahan@gmail.com> (1):
      armbian-next: officially support WSL2; pester user for UTF-8 terminal


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