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Mali GPU Driver?

Anthony Walter

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Can anyone provide any information on getting the GPU driver working with a Banana Pi M2 Zero? It supposedly has a Mali 400 GPU.


In my tests, it seems I am stuck with Mesa software rendering with OpenGL. When I write a program that creates an OpenGL 2.0 ES context, the vendor and renderer both list Mesa and performance is terrible (2-10 fps and GLSL shaders are incorrect) when rendering even the simplest scenes. I am using DRM (Direct Rendering Manager) with boots straight to a CLI and no desktop environment if that makes any difference. With the same code and same conditions on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W, OpenGL works perfectly in my tests.


I am using the most recent Armbian linked on the banana pi wiki page for the product.


I tried to build the Mali driver for the Mali 400 GPU from source using this command:


KDIR=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build USING_UMP=0 BUILD=release make


But receive this error:


Makefile:122: CONFIG_TRACEPOINTS required for profiling
Makefile:92: /lib/modules/6.0.9-sunxi/build/.config: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target '/lib/modules/6.0.9-sunxi/build/.config'.  Stop.

When I think means I don't have header sources for my kernel. I looked through apt cache and it doesn't have the source for my kernel listed.


What can I do to get actual OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU hardware support (or even OpenGL 3.0 core profile) working on this hardware with Armbian?

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25.04.2023 в 06:25, Anthony Walter сказал:

Can anyone provide any information on getting the GPU driver working with a Banana Pi M2 Zero?

Is there a CPU H3 or H2 on your device?


@Anthony Walter If I understand correctly, do you need a kernel with support for the Lima driver and headers for this kernel?

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4 часа назад, Werner сказал:

There is no maintainer for it.

Just tell the user how to properly install headers from this particular kernel.
There is one core for the entire sunxi (arm) family. That's all he needs.

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@Anthony Walter The Mali-400 GPU is supported out of the box with recent kernel and distributions. There is already a driver in the kernel, but (I guess) it has to be properly set up in the device tree and in userspace for your particular board.

Since your board is not maintained by anyone, support is community based. If someone step out for help good, otherwise you have to do it yourself.

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