Orange Pi PC Crashes When Connecting to Wifi

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I have an Orange Pi PC with the Allwinner H3 processor running the latest 5.20 version of Armbian.


I am unable to successfully connect to a Wireless access point because as soon as the status of connection is "Obtaining IP address" the Orange Pi PC crashes and reboots.


I have tried this with both a reputable Edimax wifi dongle and a cheapy wifi dongle with the same results.  I can have them plugged in and the OPi and it will run fine but as soon as I try to connect to a wireless network, it crashes.


I have the OPi PC connected to a variable power supply capable of 3A and it isn't getting anywhere near that.  So my 5V isn't a problem.


I have updated and upgraded many times.  I have installed the armbian-firmware-full but it didn't help.


Any ideas?

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Bad WiFi drivers can crash kernel and most of those cheap WiFi chips has bad, terrible drivers. We officially take care only for on board chip set and even this job proves to be hard sometimes. There are few working keys / search forum / and use those or try to find better drivers and recompile them. We provide possibilities to do so on all kernels.


And measure if your PSU gives (more or less) exact 5V out with or without load.

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Hey!  Guys If you also suffered a lot because of armbian os on its official website for orange pi pc due to any reason 

it can be faulty wifi driver or gpio library 

then have a look at this, I am sure you will fall in love with armbian after looking at this 


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actual link

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