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Armbian for Amlogic S802/S812

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4 hours ago, Red2 said:

I have an old tv box with S802 

MXIII 4k 1g8g netxeon m82

Just wondering what the latest Linux image I can get it to run and where would I find an image file. Most I find seem to only be for 2g boxes or I'm misinterpreting the info, which isn't that unlikely. Everything I have tried has failed so it would be nice to know if someone else got Linux install on one and which version

Thank in advance

what have you tried so far?

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7 hours ago, Junoxe said:

I thought it will be a bit simple. It will work or not. :)
Well, im so lame and n00b that i can't ask a proper question propably. So may be ill try to describe sitiation.

I have S812H (Wetek Core) box. LE is working smooth in its last supported version. Onboard system is kind of linux which is unable to log to google anymore. So i thought about exchange stock linux with i.e. armbian.

Dualboot is enabled becuase i can boot LE or system with a remote button during start of box. Thats why i told is enabled. Propably i was wrong.


Whatever You wrote about such files like uboot env, kernels or scripts its too much for me. :) May be You can simple tell if its possible to run armbian on my old box in a more or less simple way. :) For sure i can log via ssh or something like this. For sure i've never compiled anything.


from one noob to the other, i dont see why not. its similar to the 812 with an addition of Dolby DTS from what i read. is it rooted? when you say kind of linux do you mean android 5.1? also it is true LE or are you referring to Kodi?

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