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TX3 Mini S905L2-B Firmware request


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I purchased this fake clone TV box of the classic Tanix TX3 Mini 2GB Ram 16GB Rom for around 20 dollars (including shipping). I discovered that the soc is S905L2-B and before bricking the card with attempts to install it on eMMC I wanted to know if anyone of you found a firmware for this TV box compatible with the Amlogic USB Burning tool.


On the internet I only found two tx boxes that mount the S905L2 soc and they are the X7 5G and ipbs9505 and I couldn't find firmware to try to load them on my tv box, it's difficult on the Chinese forums for me to be able to find the downloads.


Any advice is welcome because with boot from the SD and the armbian-ddbr command I get an image but which I can only restore with the same command after booting from the SD so if the TV box is bricked and I can't boot this path won't work. I can use it to restore the Android factory image

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Hi, I got the same box. I ordered it thinking it was Tanix TX3 Mini with S905W Chip but upon countless tries with all of the s905w dtb, the one with the s905l2 succeeded booting.

Also, further looking into the box, I found a dtb files inside the /dev  folder on the android. I tried running binwalk on it and it shows it as a fdt file. I tried fdtdump -s and got some readable output. Maybe this will help others to figure out more about this box.


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@uppi thanks so much for the link. I'll put the firmware in my archive and keep my fingers crossed if I need to use it if the TV box is bricked.

as I already wrote in another post to be able to boot Armbian correctly you must use the dtb meson-gxl-s905l2-ipbs9505 and the u-boot u-boot-s905x-s912 bin is fine.

if you don't find that dtb in the official armbian release in the dtb directory you have to do a search online and add it to the dtb directory together with the others. I did so.


@SteeMan is it possible to add the dtb for the s905l2 socs in the current armbian release for s905? I mean meson-gxl-s905l2-x7-5g.dtb and meson-gxl-s905l2-ipbs9505 dtb

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@uppi No, about 1.94 GB RAM and 14.19GB ROM which is correct for the 2GB/16GB version be careful because many dishonest sellers sell 1G/8G cards labeled 2GB/16GB as well as putting other pcbs and printing on the socs what they want to increase the their profits but that's another story.

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got the same box recently.  Since there is no support from Coreelec and only rudimentary support from Libreelec (broken boot screen and unstable system while using 😕 )   I thought I give armbian a try.


Two things I'd like to accomplish:


  1. accellerated video playback to framebuffer with mplayer or vlc or so
  2. install armbian on internal emmc


Do you think 1.)  is still noch feasable or has the hardware acceleration become better in the last 3 or 4 years in the plain linux kernel?


Thanks a lot for you  input.







P.S.: a stable librelec or corelec would be fine, too...;-)


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I'm sorry but I don't know the answer, I use my fake Tanix TX3 mini TV box with SOC 905L2-B as a server and I don't know if it's possible to have graphics acceleration with the Linux kernel. This post is related to android factory firmware request.


I advise you to write a new one to ask specifically, you could ask in the general chat section of TV boxes forum.

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