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Ok, you've soldering skills so you can fix the main hardware issue of this board.


Without that fix the board is simply defective (you can't connect a disk, a display, 2 host-powered peripherals and try to put significant load on all 8 CPU cores since the crappy Micro USB connector will lead to undervoltage/undercurrent situations).


If you're willing to solder a DC-IN fix then apply a heatsink, connect disk and peripherals and simply run 'sysbench'. Freezes and shutdowns will occur. Then open a dispute and try to get a refund (filing a claim). I still don't get why Banana Pi M3 customers are happy receiving defective boards and do not think about countermeasures so the vendor has to learn the hard way to respect customers.


BTW: 'real world' workloads look differently. Use htop to get an idea that most of the times only 1 or maybe 2-3 CPU cores are busy doing stuff before you think about adding an annoying fan.


BTW: To get a clue what's going on installing RPi-Monitor is a great idea. You'll find a simple script to do that here: (you only need to call the InstallRPiMonitor function and then adjust the template for A83T)

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Small update: According to linux-sunxi IRC Chen-Yu seems to be interested in Banana Pi M3 so I had a quick look how things have evolved. Close to unbelievable but 'Team BPi' figured out how to load script.bin from within u-boot and did a first try in updating their countless crappy OS images online (IMO the most important post in SinoVoip's forum since months but for whatever reasons they don't feature it)


I checked out their modified BSP from Github and tried to apply the sun8i patches Igor already collected:




for file in /var/git/Armbian/lib/patch/kernel/sun8i-default/0001-patch-3.4.* ; do
	patch --dry-run -t -p1 < $file
	case $? in
			patch -t -p1 < $file
			echo "Patch ${file} failed. Exiting"




0001-patch-3.4.99-100.patch was the first reported as failing, the kernel that compiled is version 3.4.42 (boot log). Why only 3.4.42? WTF? My bad, I forgot an "exit 0" so patching stopped after applying the fixes for 3.4.42.


 ____                                  ____  _   __  __ _____

| __ )  __ _ _ __   __ _ _ __   __ _  |  _ \(_) |  \/  |___ /

|  _ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` | | |_) | | | |\/| | |_ \

| |_) | (_| | | | | (_| | | | | (_| | |  __/| | | |  | |___) |

|____/ \__,_|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__,_| |_|   |_| |_|  |_|____/ 



Welcome to ARMBIAN Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS 3.4.42-BPI-M3-Kernel 


System load:   1.03            Up time:       3 min

Memory usage:  8 % of 2011Mb IP:  

CPU temp:      58°C           

Usage of /:    38% of 7.2G   


[ 1 updates to install: apt-get upgrade ]


Attention: It seems the image is running on Banana Pi M3 but you're using wrong settings: orangepione.bin


Last login: Wed Mar  2 20:24:37 2016 from

tk@bananapim3:~$ uname -a

Linux bananapim3 3.4.42-BPI-M3-Kernel #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Mar 2 19:38:00 CET 2016 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

tk@bananapim3:~$ grep -c processor /proc/cpuinfo 




Of course this is no native Armbian build but just the preliminary OS image I created back in Dec (when all the OS images available from SinoVoip failed to boot) updated with an Armbian rootfs (that was booted on an Orange Pi One obviously -- see above ;) ) with the bootloader/kernel stuff from SinoVoip's BSP.


Board auto detection needed some tweaks, now I'll have a look whether uEnv.txt and script.bin support really work and if then all is OK I delete the stuff immediately :)


Just kidding. As soon as the linux-sunxi community supports A83T/H8 devices in mainline u-boot we could think about supporting Cubietruck +, the Linksprite board with the weird name and Banana Pi M3. Definitely not with this crippled u-boot 2011.09-rc1 they still use in their BSP.

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Ok, time to stop. 'Team BPi's update mechanism is just a joke and it's not worth the time to play with this stuff. I just put our new armhwinfo.log online to be able to think about board auto detection (GL830 USB-to-SATA bridge and count of cpu cores is interesting -- but this is exactly the same as on Cubietruck Plus, there the GL830 is just not behind the internal USB hub but directly connected to the 2nd USB host ports through HSIC).


We'll see -- unless mainline u-boot support for A83T/H8 doesn't improve these boards aren't worth a look :)

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Ok, time to stop. 'Team BPi's update mechanism is just a joke and it's not worth the time to play with this stuff


Exactly. There are too many of them ... I also got a Cubieboard 4 (A80) here which actually might work with our sun8i kernel  ;) ... but we don't have u-boot.

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Exactly. There are too many of them ... I also got a Cubieboard 4 (A80) here which actually might work with our sun8i kernel   ;) ... but we don't have u-boot.


A80 is 'sun9iw1p1' AFAIK but that doesn't matter. The 3 available boards with A83T/H8 all suck more or less. Superiour CPU performance only with liquid cooling and multithreaded workloads and everything else way behind. I can't believe that 2 of them feature the slowest USB-to-SATA bridge in the world and 2 of them the crappiest DC-IN connector. And they're all rather expensive.

Ok, we drop the idea. I might provide the image to unfortunate pcDuino8 Uno users that have not even access to their crappy BSP sources since Linksprite staff thinks they would violate Allwinner licenses   :lol: so the users might learn how they can grab crappy 'Team BPi' sources (that have at least support for script.bin now) with the stuff they need to create OS images for their strange H8 board.
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As a result of evaluating Armbian support for Banana Pi M3 some useful stuff is incurred. I decided to not throw everything away but instead updated the Ubuntu Mate 15.4 image for BPi M3 and also the support package to be able to update older OS images for Banana Pi M3 (and maybe also the H8 based pcDuino8 Uno and Cubietruck Plus):


Have a look into the Readme first, make a backup before trying out anything and be prepared that this whole stuff works but is unsupported -- if you need support for this board ask the vendor  :)

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Guest tvallday

Here you go:


There's the official support forum. BTW: Of course camera modules for the original Banana Pi are absolutely incompatible to all newer SinoVoip boards that are called Bananas. But anyway: since neither LeMaker nor SinoVoip develop software you can't make use of any of these camera modules due to crappy/non-working drivers. If you want to use a camera with Raspbian then buy a Raspberry Pi.

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Guest Guest

Since neither Armbian nor Bananian will support the M3 anytime soon (Nico got his M3 also back in Dec but I would believe he will focus on M2+ he got today since there regarding H3 everything's ready to publish a Bananian image) it would be fair if you take the latest 'official' image from SinoVoip for tests.


Keep in mind that you can install on any of their Debian based OS images RPi-Monitor with A83T adoptions pretty fast (relying on my install script) and if you start heavy benchmarking then be prepared that you will end up with a quad core SoC rather fast since AFAIK they still use the dumb ths settings they got from Allwinner (leading to killed CPU cores instead of throttling).


So be prepared that with their settings and without using a heatsink the M3 will be magnitudes slower (four times easily, if the 2nd CPU cluster gets killed) than with 1) approriate ths settings 2) a heatsink and 3) a small fan blowing air over the heatsink's surface. Have a look at the last 2 rows, same Banana, same settings, one times heatsink, the other heatsink+fan. Running multithreaded benchmarks this makes a huge difference (unfortunately the PTS contains also single threaded stuff where throttling has no influence):


Ah, and in case they sent you a sample from the 1st batch with crappy Micro USB for DC-IN I hope you have a solder iron ready or use a short USB cable and test headless since otherwise the board will power off.

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I purchased the BPI-M3 on Aliexpress and have confirmed everything that you have written on the matter.

The BPI-M3 is a brick, boat anchor, door stop, paper weight, etc.


I have an open dispute with the seller on Aliexpress.

Would you have any videos showing the failures of this POS?


The Alternative is to send links to your postings which they may or may not read.

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I am no expert on anything but reading this reminded me my Phablet ( Phone crossed with a tablet ) has a Octa Core A7 CPU too.


The SOC however is a 1.6 GHz mediatek and has a Mali 450 GPU.


Key Features


ï¬ 7 inch PLS display at WSVGA resolution (1024X600 pixels)

ï¬ Weighs 260g, 191*111*10.5mm in Size.

ï¬ MediaTek MT8392 chipset, 1.6GHZ octa-core Cortex-A7 processor, Mali-450MP4 GPU, 1GB RAM

ï¬ Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

ï¬ 8GB of built-in-storage, expandable by TF card

ï¬ VGA front-facing camera & 2MP rear-facing camera

ï¬ 3G WCDMA/GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS

ï¬ Stereo speaker

ï¬ USB host

ï¬ Micro SD card slot

ï¬ Standard 3.5mm audio jack

ï¬ 1080p video playback

ï¬ 2700mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery, 4-5 hours battery life.


CUBE TALK7X model U51GT C8


If you go look up the Antutu, 3Dmark, Android bench marks you will see performance is very average!

( yes I know it is a different soc with different GPU, also how a SOC CPU is implimented affects performance too.)


Listen to others peoples warnings and don't fall for the Octa Core hype!

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Would you have any videos showing the failures


Videos?! Nope, just reference the linux-sunxi wiki article or some of the postings here or from forum.


don't fall for the Octa Core hype!


The whole SoC is only made for people that buy numbers to be used in devices that will never show good performance. One of A83T's successors -- A31 -- had a PowerVR SGX544MP2 GPU twice as powerful than the one used in A83T (PowerVR SGX544MP1 with only one GPU core). And the maximum multithreaded CPU performance you'll never be able to benefit from since thermal and powering problems prevent from.


But people buy tablets with 8 CPU cores even if they're slower than older ones that feature just 4 CPU cores (but twice as much GPU units which is way more important for any Android tablet). Because? 8 is more than 4 obviously. And the same happens today when everyone 'needs' 64 bit devices since... 64 is twice as much as 32... and so on.


For most use cases any A20 based device like the original Banana Pi easily outperforms the M3.

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Guest Bjorn B

Would you know of such a tool or way to get a debian boot to the emmc?


I use this image now on the M3:


It's an Armbian Jessie rootfs combined with 'Team BPi's bootloader/kernel. Far from perfect but it works and turns the M3 paperweight into something useable. Burning to eMMC I described several times over at the moronic Please have a look there. Basically it's just booting a Linux from SD card and then writing the image to eMMC from within the running Linux again. One of the forum users over there tried to explain 'Team BPi' how they could adjust their BSP code to create Linux images to be burned using PhoenixSuit/LiveSuit but talking to @sinovoip is like talking to a wall. They either don't understand or don't listen.

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Woohoo 'Team BPi' is really fast. Problem reported with link to solution on 1st Dec 2015: (issue closed without taking notice).


And only approx. 50 complaints in their forums and 6 months later they manage to 'fix' it (of course without delivering the fix to users of their OS images since 'Team BPi' still refuses to provide online updates for their kernel/u-boot stuff):

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Guest Bjorn B

And yes if I find a way I'll get your build up and running for sure. (pi/bananapi - root/bananapi ?)


No way! These predefined accounts are crap. It's an Armbian rootfs without modifications therefore you use root/1234 as logon credentials, the 1st thing you're asked for is then a new root pwd and then you're forced to create a normal sudo enabled user account.


Regarding burning to eMMC: you simply write the image to an SD card, then you boot from the SD card (doing the above) and then you burn the image one more time to eMMC while running the same image from SD card. I think Tido posted some instructions over there at the useless bananapi forums (ignored by 'Team BPi' as usual).


Sometimes their behaviour reminds me of this:



(but most likely it's just an intercultural thing I don't understand at all)

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Guest Spooky4672



I bought a M3 and now I´m trying to find a use for it. Maybe i´ll put it to run Plex Client or Retropi to my kids (better than a paperweight).

I´m using your modification of the armbian distro. I would like to ask if there is any way to make the onboard wifi adapter to work. I´m not a Developer, but I have some experience in Linux.

Tks very much....

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Maybe i´ll put it to run Plex Client or Retropi to my kids (better than a paperweight).


I've no clue about the onboard WiFi and I don't care since it's already confirmed that this crap does not work on M3:


BTW: Don't connect the M3 to the network. Allwinner provided a kernel that allows local privileges escalation that might be able to be misused through the network too. I opened an issue already but I would believe the famous 'Team BPi' will either ignore it or close it immediately without taking notice (at least that's what they normally do when I report problems to these weird guys):

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Actually I had a little luck. My board is the same of the link. The thing is... I´ll never try to take of the R. I don´t have the skills nor equipments needed. They could use a jumper to that setting. Terrible design.


It's becoming more and more like a paperweight....


Thanks for the reply... I´ll probably assume the failure and go back to the good ol' Raspberry. Because of this security issue, I don´t feel confortable to use it on my network... even as a game device.

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Terrible design. [...] Because of this security issue, I don´t feel confortable to use it on my network... even as a game device.


The bug could be fixed easily if you've an Ubuntu 14.04 virtual machine up and running (you could use Zador's work to patch the M3 BSP linux kernel source). Let's see when/whether they react on the issue I opened. Normally this is stuff that has to be fixed within 24 hours.


And regarding 'terrible design'. Yeah, but that's just one of the many design flaws. Using Micro USB for DC-IN on the first production batch was the biggest mistake, the choice of the ultra slow GL830 USB-to-SATA bridge is insane, connecting both internal USB hub and the GL830 to one single USB host port (so that 'SATA disk' and all USB ports have to share bandwidth instead of connecting the GL830 to the 2nd USB host port like Cubietech did on their Cubietruck +) is also close to unbelievable. Also not preparing a heatsink like Hardkernel does it on ODROID C1+/C2 is just moronic with a SoC like A83T.


The only real use case for this board could be lightweight web services where the octacora SoC could shine. 2017 when mainline kernel support might be ready. At least the Foxconn people (who started the Banana journey) start to understand. They met up with one of the linux-sunxi devs last week and send out board developer samples to real developers now :)

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Guest Spooky4672

Concerning that image, does it have the NFS module ?


Please have a look yourself. This is a crappy Allwinner BSP 3.4.39 kernel used by SinoVoip missing hundreds of security fixes alone. Take a look into linux-sunxi/arch/arm/configs/sun8iw6p1smp_bpi_defconfig in


I put my M3 back in the drawer. Will have a look next year when/if mainline kernel support is ready. In the meantime please consider this device being a paperweight :)

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