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The VPU driver

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1 hour ago, Myy said:

Well, ok, it obviously couldn't work since I used the wrong kernel tree... I'll retry my tests and fix my script this week-end...

Yes, looks like the script used one of the branches, I do not have one branch with all patches, I tend to group patches into multiple branches to make it easier rebasing and review changes.

If you keep the hdmi-sound base as you have and add https://github.com/Kwiboo/linux-rockchip/compare/rockchip-5.x-hdmi-sound...rockchip-5.x-vpu-v2.patch as a patch you should have both branches.


1 hour ago, Myy said:

Yeah, these little beasts are fast for MPEG-2... Too bad that the web is all about H264 and VP8

The 1080p H264, VP8 samples I have tested on my tinker board and even my rock64 running libreelec / kodi-gbm seems to play back fine using sw decoding.

There are some libreelec test images at http://kwiboo.libreelec.tv/test/ for testing, built out of https://github.com/Kwiboo/LibreELEC.tv/commits/rockchip-5.x

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