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18 hours ago, count-doku said:

One other thing to check if the disks are faulty / just doing the clicking -> connect them to some computer. Listen there.




One other thing is yet to look if you are running NFS..

I had one problem with NFS , wen I mounted on the client, machine, just shutdown and start, the disks are always going down and start..

The disks power was cut abruptly when system went down every time.., and even with system up, they had that behaviour


Solution until now... not mounting NFS, until I understand what is causing that problem( That was NOT happening in Helios4, but in another ARM based system.. )


To me, his problem its or related with one of:

  •  park/unpark heads aggressively( Which he needs to fix APM modes and timers on each disk.. )
  • NFS or any other think, munted and is creating kernel panics or so..

So to check, I would deactivate nfs,samba, and so on.

Only OS running without application layers..


Then check if problem persists, if yes:

Mesure power cycles and load/unload heads, and see if it happening with frequency..


for blockid in {a..c};do smartctl --attributes /dev/sd${blockid}|grep -E "^ 12|^193"; done

I also Have Seagate disks, in APM mode 127, so they enter in mode 1( standby, after the timers defined period ), but they don't park and unpark like crazy, they work very nicely..

In the past I had WD REd, and that disks, were parking and unparking like crazy, I could only aliviate the problem encreasing the timmers to tnter in APM mode 1, but I couldn't do much more..


Does he, configured timers for APM modes?If you do that with small timers, heads will start parking/Unparking at that intervals defines, and need to be adjusted again..

Use OpenSeaChest Utilities to verify more information not present in SMART, since this tools are made for Seagate disks, and implement Seagate Technology..

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